Money Heist Hindi Remake: All The Details You Wanted to Know.

Money Heist is a Crime Thriller Television Series and the rights for the same have been bagged by Red Chillies Entertainment.


Before we go into the details of Money Heist Hindi Remake we need to tell you what is this series as many of the viewers might have not seen it.

Money Heist is a Spanish Television Series and digital rights of the content rests with Netflix. In Spanish this translates to La Casa De Papel which means The House Of Paper. The show has been created by Alex Pina.

It was initially a planned limited series but the response it got made Netflix Order the next part and now it has 3 Parts.

  • Part 1 – 9 Episodes
  • Part 2 – 6 Episodes
  • Part 3 – 8 Episodes

The plot of the movie revolves around a mysterious man called Professor under whose guidance a group of robbers come together and plan a great robbery. The Robbery Directly goes into the Royal Mint of Spain where the plan is to take hostages print currency worth billions and escape.

The first two parts are focused on the Royal Mint while the third part if focused on Bank Of Spain.

Money Heist Response:

In was the most watched Non English Language Series ever on Netflix in first quarter of 2018. And When Money Heist 3 was released it was streamed by 34 million viewers in the first week itself.

This is chart buster response to a Blockbuster Series.

Money Heist Hindi Remake:

Shahrukh Khan is very close to Netflix and hence the data of content is easily available to him and his company Red Chillies Entertainment.

The Hindi rights of Money Heist are now with Red Chilies Entertainment. The Show will be adapted to a Hindi Feature film and if the response is as expected then it will be a franchise. Those of you who have seen the series will know that this is cult material and has enough to crack the box office out of it’s wits.

This can be Blockbuster in India and a Blockbuster outside India as well as there are already 50 Million fans to this series who would love to watch a shorter version of the series anytime.

Director Sriram Raghvan has been finalized to direct this Epic Heist. And Now the big question Whether Shahrukh Khan is acting in this film or not?

The rights are with him and he can choose the role he wants to play. He loves the role of Professor (the Mastermind of the Heist) and fans would go in a crazy cycle if this happens. But the Man is still taking his time to choose the role which he wants to play.

Red Chillies Entertainent well know the potential of this series and a already big fan following from the data passed to them courtesy Netflix which is over 50 million fans. And to bank of this Opportunity they need a Big Star and they have one of the biggest stars in house. So arithmetically we can take it as a confirmation which can only be declined on an emotional level.

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