Mom Movie Review – Sridevi and Nawazuddin are Par Excellence


Sridevi is one such star who is beyond Age and time. I won’t indulge any story details in this review but the opening scene of the movie which is set in a Classroom, where Sridevi ( Devaki ) is the teacher and in the Same class her daughter Arya is a Student. A Student sends her a Porn clip on her phone and Devaki intervenes, the look and the class that Sridevi starts the film with is something which sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Sridevi is beyond excellence in this movie. So Hope the opening lines have set you for the Mom Movie Review.

 Mom Plot

Devaki (Sridevi) has an unusual and a complicated family, mostly owing to the step daughter she has Arya. The Mother-Daughter relationship is tensed. In fact, when it comes to her mother Arya is a Rebel and she would love to do bang opposite of what her mother would want her to do.

Arya relies more on her Father for her wishes to be fulfilled, and in the same sequence she goes for a Valentine’s College party. An Incident (won’t reveal what it is) happens at the party and she gets into a fight with college boys which leads to abduction and a Gang Rape. And after being used Arya is thrown into a Drain.

The Plot after this part is a little thin (Pardon me if I have less knowledge on Indian Penal Codes.), she is admitted to a hospital and identifies the rapists but since she had little alcohol in her reports, her identification is invalid and rapists walk free.

Now Sridevi seeks to avenge her daughter and the plot is very similar to Raveen Tandon Starrer Maatr ( Not that anyone has seen that movie ).

If you are seeking answers that will Devaki be able to take revenge for Arya, then you are at a wrong place. Because we all know that she will be able to do that.

The fun lies in How, and just try me this How is the key to Mom. And just imagine Nawazuddin Siddiqui getting involved as a detective.

Mom Performances

The film belongs and Sridevi and Nawazuddin , and believe me i can write 2 complete articles on their performances.  I will keep it short here.

Sridevi is 300 films old but her energy and her preparation is that of a actor who is trying to just debut in Bollywood and she gives one of her finest performances.  Her Performance will mesmerize you and you must have heard about those standing ovation reports prior to release of the movie. You might just want to do that in the movie hall.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is very different in this film, he has a strange myst to his character i can call that eerie or scary. But he never fails to impress you whether the role is big or small, the character is strong or weak. And in Mom he gets a detailed character to portray and he might have just given the Best Supporting Actor of 2017 performance already.

In Later parts Akshaye Khanna enlighten the screen as a CBI inspector and he fits into the role completely. Actually i think he perfectly fits into the cop roles.

Mom Screenplay

The screenplay has been executed by Girish Kohli and it is gripping in fact extremely gripping, but i can’t help but say it could have been a little more effective, it could be a little tighter and a lot more engaging in the second half.

Mom Direction

Ravi Udyawar has directed Mom and he has done a superb job at it. Hr brings the emotional connect at the right places, the character portrayals are brilliant. And he gets full marks for this.

The Let-Downs

Mom has its moments of brilliance, a good screenplay and stellar performances but the story does not hold you together till the end and that becomes a problem in the second half. But at the same time film is very real in its approach and convinces you completely.

The Good parts

There might be just too many.

  1. Stellar Performances by everyone.
  2. Screenplay is great
  3. Direction is superb
  4. Story is a topical issue and it will find acceptance amongst the Audience.
  5. Cinematography is excellent again

Mom Final Word

You Like hard hitting content with a class touch, then go for it. My Rating for Mom is 3.5/10

Mom Business Rating

Business of the film will be good in Metros but Spiderman Homecoming will affect its business big time. But even in worst case scenario is should be able Gross around 25 crores at the box office and might end up at 35 crore as the maximum business.

Mom Business will be best in big cities and in smaller centres it won’t find acceptance. So My Business Rating for Mom is 2.5/5

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