Mission Mangal Vs Saaho Vs Batla House : Is it Possible ?

Come 15th August and 3 big films are planning to clash on that date.


Mission Mangal Vs Saaho Vs Batla House: All these 3 films have locked horns for a 15th August release making it a Titanic Sized Clash.

We will look at the budget of these movies and also a possibility where they release solo or in a 2 sided clash and how it affects their box office performance.

Possibility 1: Mission Mangal Vs Saaho Vs Batla House:

We have to keep this figure in mind all through this article i.e. number of worthwhile screens in India = 5876.

Movie NameEstimate Production Budget (INR Crores)
Saaho250 ( High Risk)
Mission Mangal50 (Low Risk)
Batla House35 (Low Risk)


Note: The production budget estimates are derived from the making of the film and not confirmed by the makers yet.

Now in this case where all three films release on the same day, below possibilities are there. However, we should wait till trailer of other other movies arrive to make a more accurate judgement.

Now, Let’s assume that all these movie are very good and their trailers have impressed the audiences, then day 1 Scenario can be like this.

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day Collections (INR Crores)
Mission Mangal185015
Batla House120010


The Best case first weekend scenario can be:

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal18501551
Batla House12001034


And a More realistic Approach will be this, still assuming that these films have great word of mouth.

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal18501341.6
Batla House1200825.6


However, till date it has not happened that three good films which released on the same day have gone to done well. Now Let’s Assume If This Movie Came in a 2 way clash.

Saaho Vs Mission Mangal:

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal22001654.4


Saaho Vs Batla House:

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Batla House18001240.8


Batla House Vs Mission Mangal:

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal28001861.2
Batla House22001447.6


And Now Let’s assume that these films have a Solo release on a Non Festive Day with great products:

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal34001960.8
Batla House28001548


Now, if you analyse the above data. Saaho which is made on a budget of 250+ crores is the one at most risk. But makers have backing of the entire south market hence now it’s not possible to shift the date.

Mission Mangal which is made on a modest budget will be the film that will be most affected both in case of good or bad word of mouth. As it does not seem like a Mass film from whatever we have seen till now and it will leave one are open for both Saaho and Mission Mangal to score points. Also from what we know till now, Akshay Kumar is not in a full fledged role in the movie. But since Akshay Kumar has already moved Sooryavanshi to Avoid clash with Inshallah he will put his foot down to not avert this clash.

Batla House on the other hand has the least to loose and if the the movie finds good word of mouth it will still make it as a clean hit.

These assumptions are done based on a Good Word of Mouth for all the Movies. Now, Let’s Assume If one movie is bad and other two find good word of Mouth then what can happen over the weekend. ( We will put the lowest figures here for calculation for each film).

Movie NameEstimated ScreensFirst Day CollectionsFirst Weekend
Mission Mangal18501527
Batla House12001018


(Considering that one film is Negative and other two are positive, this can happen in each of the above cases).

While whichever two films find good word of mouth they will race ahead and the weakest one will perish from day 2. Apart, from hampering the collections if this battle is not averted it will cost huge notional losses to distributors as all these three films have capability to tingle the respective box office circuits. So, many cinema owners will leave out on 3 opportunities and what could be a 3-6 week good run at the box office for them would be wrapped under 1-2 weeks.

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