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Mission Mangal Movie Review: An Inspirational Tale Which teaches you to Challenge the Impossible.

Mission Mangal has hit the theaters today on 15th August, 2019 and it's all set to vow You.


A Movie You cannot afford to miss

An Inspirational Tale Which teaches you to Challenge the Impossible.

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This Mission Mangal Movie Review is quite a special one for more than one reasons and it might be one of the most lengthy articles on this subject.

The movie has so much to talk about that it’s not possible to explain it in a few words. So let’s Begin.

Mission Mangal Plot:

The Year is 2010 and place is Bengaluru, India is all set to take giant leaps in the space program under Rakesh Dhawan (Akshay Kumar) and everything is set but one of his Team Members Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan) misjudges a technical detail and still given a Go sign in a No Go Scenario.

The Rocket is not able to leave the earth’s gravitational pull and gets on fire. While it is about to crash on earth itself, the commander of the team pulls the abort and self destruct chords and the rocket blasts.

While Nation is being mocked on the failure Rakesh Dhawan gets a a new posting on a higher grade on India’s Mission to Mars which is still 12 years away and due in 2022. This is not a promotion but a punishment where he is being pushed to a mission which has no value at that point of time and his position goes to Mr. Rupert (Dalip Tahil) who is just coming back to serve India after leaving NASA.

Nevertheless, the main female protagonist of this film Tara Shinde has a eureka moment where she marries home science to space science and brings up a solution for India to reach Mars. She approaches Rakesh Dhawan who after some resistance gets convinced and approaches Director Of ISRO (Vikram Gokhale). The rest of the film is about the challenges that this Scientist duo faces to get the Indian Orbiter to Mars right from budgets, to Mr. Rupert to a Demotivated team who wants to work in a 9-5 Job.

Mission Mangal Music:

The film does not have too many songs neither it has any chart busters but what you get in return is a music does not hamper the flop of the movie at all and all songs are situational with “Dil Mein mars hein” standing tall. The suiting and soothing music is given by Amit Trivedi and Taishk Bagchi and blends perfectly with the movie.

Thankfully despite being a big budget film the makers did not attempt an Item Number or a Dance Chart buster otherwise that would have completely killed off the momentum.

You can notice more than one opportunity like Pubs and Bars scenes where a song like this could be easily fit in but that would have really hampered the narrative.

Mission Mangal Screenplay:

Mission Mangal has been written by R. Balki, Jagan Shaki (Also The Director of the movie), Nidhi Dharma and Saketh Kondipathi.

And the team does a fabulous job. While the films starts from a normal routine house hold of Tara Shinde in Bangalore it quickly picks up the pace and improves over every last scene. There are these situations where Tara Shinde is working on a mission which could change the future of India in space ranks and help humanity but she is getting calls from her annoying husband who wants her to quit and take care of the house, these type of situations can very well irritate audience but the director and screenplay writers handles the situation very subtly without going overboard and yet inflicting the mental condition of a mentally strong Tara Shinde.

You have a mission which can change the future of the country and you get a team in form of Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu, Sharman Joshi, Nithya Menen, Kirti Kulhari and H. G. Dattatreya who are just self centered and are willing to leave the office just at the tick of the clock.

The way the motivation sequences have been handled are simple yet extra ordinary. And you will find these gems in all of the movie right from a unique character of Akshay Kumar.

Mission Mangal Cinematography:

The Director Of Photography is Ravi Varman and he does complete justice to each and every scene. For example you have continuous rains and Mars Orbiter cannot take off, apart from getting the right rains effects which make you feel for the team the sun shines on India in even a brighter manner.

These all things often go unnoticed but a director tells you a story while the DOP department brings them alive and in Mission Mangal they do this with style but it’s yet simple and never goes overboard in creating or demanding extraordinary.

Mission Mangal Director:

Jagan Shakti helms the seat as the captain of the ship and it’s so easy to go wrong with this script and such a huge cast with different personalities. .

The challenges start right from giving equal time to all the big names associated with the project and yet keeping the balance in tune. Jagan Shakti not only extracts the right performances but not for a moment will you think that he is being given extra presence because of his star power. The balance in this film was needed and we get a perfectly balanced film with this.

Mission Mangal Performances:

I can say this with full authority that Akshay Kumar has given his best performance till date. As Rakesh Dhawan he portrays a genius who can get beaten by a normal guy on the street, he is a little off the hook and you cannot control him. But Akshay Kumar controls Rakesh Dhawan like he was destined to play this role. He portrays Anger, Pain, spirit to never give up and many more emotions with supreme control.  Not in a single frame the man goes overboard and yet keeps you glued to the screen. A Performance of a Lifetime indeed.

When You have an Akshay Kumar firing all his guns and eyeing a National Award then it’s not easy to give him competition in each frame unless you are Vidya Balan. She lives the life of Tara Shinde with supreme control, makes you enjoy her troubles of life and entertains you all through out. Again one of her best performances till date.

The Director Of ISRO played by Vikram Gokhale again is exceptionally played as the senior actor portrays the warmth needed for the character with ease and Dalip Tahil as Arch Nemesis of Rakesh Dhawan plays the role to perfection in creating all the hurdles that he can.

The troop that Rakesh Dhawan and Tara Shinde wants is not allotted to them because of internal politics played by Mr. Rupert. But what they get in return entertains you more.

Sharman Joshi plays his part to perfection and yet again proves that he cannot only stand out in big films but is also a very good addition to the entire value of the film and gives a controlled yet entertaining performance.

Sonakshi Sinha plays role of a modern girl with ultra modern life style and aspiration to Join NASA with ease and completely blends in.

Taapsee Pannu plays her role to the right tunes with Kriti Kulhari giving another Strong performance and adding to the whole value. H. G. Dattatreya again plays his role to perfection.

Sanjay Kapoor, Purab Kohli and Mohd. Zeeshan have small but veru important roles in the film and they play their part to perfection.

Not for a moment you will find any cast member our of line or not needed in the film and we are talking about a stellar cast.

Mission Mangal Movie Review:

You cannot miss this one as it’s a perfect blend of light story telling which not only teaches you to rise above the normal and challenge the impossible but also a very important message that Women are not meant to be locked in the houses.

You can be pregnant and still achieve the impossible, you might have kids and a family but you can still lead a Mission Impossible or you can be a divorcee but still achieve big dreams.

The film also subtly leaves a message for the society that no religion is bigger than Man Kind.

If you are still waiting to book your tickets, then don’t because this is once in a lifetime movie and ought to be watched on the big screens.

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