Mission Mangal Friday (2nd Day) Box Office Collection Report: Excellent

Mission Mangal is off to a Fantastic Start at the Box office and ids definitely the first choice of the Family Audiences.


Mission Mangal Friday (2nd Day): The film is onto a Fantastic Box Office start at the domestic ticket counters as the films is riding high on excellent reviews and good word of mouth.

The strong centers for Mission Mangal are A+, A and B centers which are fueling the box office engine.

On it’s 2nd Day which was a Friday (A Normal Friday) the film started with a modest opening of 19% in the early morning shows and recorded as high as 73% occupancy in the night shows and insane amount of shows were houseful.

You can check out our article on 2nd day box office hold of Mission Mangal and the parameters which could have defined a Poor, Good or an excellent hold.

Mission Mangal Friday (2nd Day) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy

Time Slot15th Day (Thursday)14th Day (Wednesday)13th Day (Tuesday)12th Day (Monday)11th Day (Sunday)10th Day (Saturday)9th Day (Friday)8th Day (Thursday)7th Day (Wednesday)6th Day (Tuesday)5th Day (Monday)4th Day (Sunday)3rd Day (Saturday)2nd Day (Friday)1st Day (Thursday)
Early Morning8%8%9%10%23%21%12%9%10%11%13%54%39%19%38%
Early After Noon10%11%12%13%42%39%22%13%15%17%20%65%58%38%69%
Afternoon Shows17%18%20%22%46%42%24%15%18%21%25%82%61%41%75%
Early Evening Shows22%23%25%28%58%53%30%22%25%29%32%85%68%55%80%
Evening Shows29%29%32%36%92%84%48%34%28%32%36%88%71%58%85%
Night Shows33%34%38%42%87%89%51%38%33%38%45%81%75%62%91%
Late Night Shows25%25%28%31%62%90%52%34%30%34%38%55%80%73%62%

Mission Mangal Friday (2nd Day) Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateCollectionDrop / Increase
Day 1Thursday, August 15, 2019INR 29.16 N.A.
Day 2Friday, August 16, 2019INR 17.28-40.74%
Day 3Saturday, August 17, 2019INR 23.5836.46%
Day 4Sunday, August 18, 2019INR 27.5416.79%
Day 5Monday, August 19, 2019INR 8.91-67.65%
Day 6Tuesday, August 20, 2019INR 7.92-11.11%
Day 7Wednesday, August 21, 2019INR 6.84-13.64%
Day 8Thursday, August 22, 2019INR 6.931.32%
Day 9Friday, August 23, 2019INR 7.8312.99%
Day 10Saturday, August 24, 2019INR 13.3270.11%
Day 11Sunday, August 25, 2019INR 15.3014.86%
Day 12Monday, August 26, 2019INR 3.87-74.71%
Day 13 Tuesday, August 27, 2019INR 3.43-11.37%
Day 14Wednesday, August 28, 2019INR 3.15-8.16%
Day 15Thursday, August 29, 2019INR 3.05-3.17%
Day 16Friday, August 30, 2019INR 2.20-27.87%
Day 17Saturday, August 31, 2019INR 3.2547.73%
Day 18Sunday, September 1, 2019INR 3.6412.00%
Day 19Monday, September 2, 2019INR 2.27-37.64%
Day 20Tuesday, September 3, 2019INR 1.21-46.70%
Day 21Wednesday, September 4, 2019INR 1.15-4.96%
Day 22Thursday, September 5, 2019INR 1.3113.91%
TotalINR 193.14


Note: Producer Figures are still awaited and will be updated once received.

Verdict: Long Road ahead before a veridct can be passed as Mission Mangal is a budget heavy movie but a lo of clarity will come on Monday after a normal weekday hold at normal ticket rates.

Going by the content of the film we should expect a series of tax free from various states which might even go higher than Super 30 as well.

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