Mission Mangal Box Office Prediction In How’s The Buzz ?

Mission Mangal Released on 15th August, 2019 in a Mega Clash with Batla House and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.


Mission Mangal Box Office Prediction: We have done a similar article for Batla House without Box Office Prediction in this article We will cover the Box Office Predictions as well as the buzz of the Movie.

It’s exactly a week before the Mega Clash between Mission Mangal and Batla House takes place, just after the trailers of both the movies had launched we had done a buzz tracking comparison Titled Mission Mangal Vs Batla House in Buzz Tracking.

The data for this report has been collected till 6th July, 2019 till 11.59 PM we will analyse the current buzz of the movie strong points and where it needs to do better.

Mission Mangal Buzz Tracking: Summary

Reach52.06 Cr
Unique Reach17.32 Cr
User Participation25.32 Lakh
Positive Users89%
Negative Users11%



  • Reach: No of Impressions Served Online
  • Impression means how many times anything related to Mission Mangal Has been viewed.
  • Unique Reach: How Many individual users have encountered anything related to the movie.
  • User Participation: How many individual users have commented, created post, uploaded video or have done any action related to the movie online.
  • Positive: For the benefit of doubt we consider the neutrals in Positive as they have not reacted negatively for the film and if it is less than 10% of the overall interactions. These are the users who are talking positively about the movie.
  • Negative Users: Of Course, opposite of positive audience.

Mission Mangal Day Wise Buzz Tracking:


Mission Mangal Day Wise Buzz Tracking
Mission Mangal Day Wise Buzz Tracking

Reading: The Buzz of the movie peaked during the trailer launch and even after releasing some fantastic songs the buzz has been overall saturated or stagnant, the maker and marketers need to look into this as we can clear see from the Batla House results that buzz is increasing the the last few days.

Mission Mangal Buzz Tracking: Video Performance

Sr NoAsset NameRelease DateViewsLikesDislikesLike RatioDislike Ratio
1Official Teaser08-Jul-19 10,478,380 369,000 16,0003.52%0.15%
2Official Trailer18-Jul-19 37,428,721 1,000,000 38,0002.67%0.10%
3Yeh Sindoor Promo01-Aug-19 3,513,995 34,000 5280.97%0.02%
4Dil Mein Mars Hain - Song25-Jul-19 7,299,707 100,000 4,6001.37%0.06%
5Yeh Sindoor Marathi02-Aug-19 87,534 5,800 946.63%0.11%
6Yeh Sindoor Punjabi02-Aug-19 44,025 2,900 476.59%0.11%
7Yeh Sindoor Gujarati02-Aug-19 50,036 3,500 696.99%0.14%
8Yeh Sindoor Bengali02-Aug-19 90,709 6,300 1436.95%0.16%
9Yeh Sindoor Tamil03-Aug-19 21,894 1,300 325.94%0.15%
10Yeh Sindoor Telugu03-Aug-19 31,569 1,800 385.70%0.12%
Total 59,046,570 1,524,600 59,5512.58%0.10%


Reading: The Biggest strength of the movie till has been the teaser and the trailer and both of them combined contribute for 81% of the viewership. In case of Batla House The Songs were performing much better.

The third best performing asset has been Dil Mein Mars Hai Song and together these 3 elements contribute to 93.5% of the total viewership.

The regional Promos of Yeh Sindoor have not worked at all. In the coming days we can expect some more good stuff to come out to build up the pre release excitement.

Mission Mangal Buzz Tracking: State Wise and City Wise in comparison to Batla House.

State Wise
AreaB. HouseM. Mangal
Jammu and kashmir77%23%
Uttar Pradesh67%33%
Arunachal Pradesh61%39%
West Bengal57%43%
Himachal Pradesh57%43%
Madhya Pradesh54%46%
Dadar and Nagar Haveli51%49%
Tamil Nadu43%57%
Andhra Pradesh38%62%
City Wise
CityB. HouseM. Mangal
New Delhi85%15%
Thana Shankar Dwari68%32%


Note: These are the total searched happening in the region related to Batla House and Mission Mangal where 100% means a Sum of Mission Mangal and Batla House.

Reading: While on a whole Mission Mangal has more wider reach but Batla House has more engaged users. Right now Batla House is leading on these parameters on a more localized level and the reason behind that has been consistent promotion by the team.

However in case of Mission Mangal the silent phases are too many and last few released content pieces have not worked as they should have. But still a week to go and these figures can change drastically.

Mission Mangal Box Office Prediction:

Coming at 8 PM. 7th August, 2019


Note: We will update these figures in Mission Mangal Box Office Prediction later in the week once the screen programming and advance booking begins.

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