Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter: It’s Red Hot

Mission Mangal Releases on 15th August, 2019 in a Mega Clash with Batla House. Since we published the Batla House Audience Interest Report yesterday hence the data is in this report is used as per the same time period to keep the grounds even for both the films.


We will be tracking Mission Mangal Audience Interest in this Report with data period being same as that of Batla House Report to keep the grounds even.

Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter:

This section is designed to give you an overview of the current reach and sentiment for Mission Mangal and how much it has changed since 6th August, the Date when we published a similar report for Mission Mangal. The report was published on 7th August, 2019 but the data we used was till 6th August, 2019 as the Batla House Report was published a Day earlier.

Mission Mangal Audience Reach:
6th August (In Crores)13th August ( In Crores)Growth (In Crores)Growth (in %)
Unique Reach17.3218.971.659.53%
User Participation0.250.420.1768.00%


Reading: The data clearly suggests that Hype for Mission Mangal had peaked on 6th August itself and there has been limited growth after that. However the levels are good and film is poised to take a Mammoth opening at the Indian Box Office.

Mission Mangal Audience Interest:
Type Of Audience6th August13th AugustGrowth
Positive Users89%86.50%-2.50%
Negative Users11%14%2.50%


Reading: Since the Audience Reach and Interest had already peaked a weak before there has been a decline in Audience Interest. It might also be related to the latest promotional material released.

Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter: Day Wise Tracking

Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter Day Wise Tracking
Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter Day Wise Tracking

Reading: If You check out the dull period in this report these are the days when Batla House actually had an edge but while coming close to the release both films are almost at equal levels with Mission Mangal Having an edge right now.

Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter: Video Performance

Sr NoAsset NameRelease DateViewsLikesDislikesLike RatioDislike Ratio
1Official Teaser08-Jul-19 10,817,414 371,000 16,700 3.43%0.15%
2Official Trailer18-Jul-19 39,697,011 1,100,000 39,000 2.77%0.10%
3Dil Mein Mars Hain - Song25-Jul-19 7,915,387 110,000 4,900 1.39%0.06%
4Yeh Sindoor Promo01-Aug-19 3,750,556 42,000 643 1.12%0.02%
5Yeh Sindoor Marathi02-Aug-19 98,943 6,000 98 6.06%0.10%
6Yeh Sindoor Punjabi02-Aug-19 50,504 3,100 50 6.14%0.10%
7Yeh Sindoor Gujarati02-Aug-19 55,229 3,700 74 6.70%0.13%
8Yeh Sindoor Bengali02-Aug-19 108,460 6,900 154 6.36%0.14%
9Yeh Sindoor Tamil03-Aug-19 24,558 1,400 36 5.70%0.15%
10Yeh Sindoor Telugu03-Aug-19 62,336 2,200 45 3.53%0.07%
11Trailer 207-Aug-19 12,300,397 213,000 8,900 1.73%0.07%
12Shabashiyan13-Aug-19 709,337 15,000 337 2.11%0.05%
Total 75,590,132 1,874,300 70,937 2.48%0.09%


Reading: However these numbers are big but even a total of these numbers is not able to reach the Single Video View of O Saki Saki, proving maximum reach for Batla House.

Looking at these figures we can easily predict that Mission Mangal is gonna open bigger by at least 10% but 1st Day performance of Batla House in interiors where spot booking happen will be at par or better than Mission Mangal.


Mission Mangal Audience Interest Meter: State Wise Tracking

State NameBatla HouseMission Mangal
Arunachal Pradesh57%43%
Jammu and kashmir55%45%
Uttar Pradesh46%54%
Himachal Pradesh43%57%
Dadar and Nagar Haveli43%57%
West Bengal41%59%
Madhya Pradesh39%61%
Tamil Nadu28%72%
Andhra Pradesh28%72%
Daman and Diu9%91%


Reading: Mission Mangal has taken a lead over Batla House at Micro levels in initial days as in the last Report Mission Mangal Vs Batla House, Batla House was leading in all states but 4 and now the trends have reversed as Now Mission Mangal Leads in all results but 4.

However difference in 17 states is not much and these are the key states from the point of view of revenues.

Conclusion: Both Mission Mangal and Batla House are set to open big but Mission Mangal is looking at an opening of atleast 24 crores from here.

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