Men In Black: International Movie Review: Yawwnnnnn!!!


Men In Black: International Movie Review : In Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson had put screen on fire. But can they create the same magic for the audience and at the box office with MIB franchise.

Men In Black: International Characters Introduction

The latest offering of MIB franchise does not track lives of Agent Jay (Will Smith) and Agent Kay (Tommy Lee), now their are two new heroes in MIB i.e. Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and his mentor and boss High T (Liam Neeson) and then the duo is joined by Agent O (Tessa Thompson).

Agent O aka Mandeiya Flory is obsessed with space, aliens and is determined to join Men In Black. During a mission 20 years back she was exposed to this world and since then she was determined to Join Men In Black.

Men In Black: International Plot and Story

This is the worst part of the entire enterprise. The turning plots are made out of convenience and not of sheer conviction. MIB frachise had a rule, never show off your weapons or alien connection in public but due to sheer lazy scripting we see that rule being broken here not once.

The twist as they call it are not encouraging for the audience in fact everything is predictable. The alien sidekicks do not appeal and all of them are a sheer let down.

However the parts where references to Thor and Valkyrie have been made are quite hilarious. Specially the ones which we have seen in the trailers like Chris Hemsworth trying to call the hammer and then fighting with it. Or a reference point where Chris and Tessa meet and try to connect dots with MCU.

Men In Black: International Visual Effects

This is one department which needs be lauded, and you can watch this flick simply for the effects. ( if you can cope up with a Lousy Story).

Men In Black: International Direction.

One Word: Pathetic

Men In Black: International Performances

The lead cast does their best but they can’t cope up with the dull script, a rather lazy screenplay and a more pathetic direction. While Chris Hemsworth does his best and shines in every frame and the chemistry between him and Tessa Thompson is not that remarkable as it was in Thor Ragnarok but still worth watching. In fact presence of a Woman in form of Tess Thompson gives the movie a fresh lease of life as we are used to have a male dominated MIB franchise.

Men In Black: To Watch Or Not

Let’s say you had gone to Himalayas and you had left whole world behind and now you have finally decided to come back to normal Life. You can try watching this one and you might just about Like it.

For the Other folks who are already living a worldly life, in case you are too tempted too watch Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson return after MCU, then just ensure that your phone batteries are completely charged so that you don’t get bored during the movie.

Or you can still go and buy a reclined ticket to have a good 2 hour sleep in the theater.

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