Live Question and Answer Session With Abhishek Parihar at 9 PM 22nd June, 2019

You can leave your questions in comments and I will start answering them after 9 PM.


So the right time has come for a Live Question and Answer Session.

The participation in Simple. Just start posting your questions in the comments box and I will answer them all after 9 PM.

Q.1 Why Did Kabir Singh take such a huge opening as it did not have any superstar and it was released in a non holiday period? ( Asked By Rajesh Goyal)

Let’s answer your question in reverse.

I personally believe Superstars should leave the festival dates for Good films from New Comers. As Holiday definitely gives a push to a film but on the other hand a good film will work and all those who want to see the film will come to watch the movie whether Holiday or not. Some of the biggest hits in the history and recent past like Baahubali Series and Avengers Endgame released during a non holiday period and they are All Time Blockbusters with collections never ever seen before.

Superstars need to get out of their comfort zone and start working on bigger projects which does not project them as stars but the big stars are part of even a bigger theme.

Now coming back to Kabir Singh. This film stars Shahid Kapoor who has a fan following and has given great performances. His choice of films in the past have been bad which were not getting him big openings. But Kabir Singh had good music, passionate trailers, Kiara Advani and Remake of a cult classic. Combine all this with dormant fans of Shahid Kapoor and they flock the theaters. Even Kiara Advani has a lot of fans and this is pretty evident from the Google Search reports as a lot of people search about her.

My first part of the answer answers your question. You bring a good date on any day and it will find it’s audience.

Q.2 Why Shahrukh Khan is Not Announcing Any New Projects? (Asked By Priya Khanna)

Let’s say you have been a class topper all through and suddenly in 3-4 exams you perform not so good. What will you do? However, it’s not a exact situation here but the common process which goes in is introspection and correction.

That is what Shahrukh Khan is doing right now, he knows time is not on his Side and he needs to get his groove with the very next film. It’s not that he is not hearing new scripts or he is not doing any movie. It’s just that he is taking some time to decide the right project. We need to give the man a little break and let him select the right project.

Same thing happened with Sachin Tendulkar every time he walked on the field every one wanted him to score a century and the day he scored a 50 he was termed as out of form. However if any other player scored a 50 then he would be classified as in form batsman.

Same thing goes with our Superstars, they have huge expectations riding on them but we as fans need to give them a much needed break at times. Unnecessary social media pressure can also result in selection of a wrong project.

Q.3 Sir Which Film Will Shahrukh Khan Do Next? Will it be Inspector Ghalib, Don 3, Dhoom 4, Vikram Vedha Remake or some other films. ( Asked By Ragini Dutta)

I have no clue what he will sign and what he will not sign. Right now even he won’t have a complete clue. But I can always tell you what I want and what can be good for him.

He Should Do Saare Jahaan Se Accha (Salyute), Dhoom 4, Don 3 and Operation Khukri in any of those orders he wish to.

Q.4 Why did Bharat Fall so much in last few days, all the reviews including yours were fantastic but the film did not perform at the box office. Why? (Asked By Alka Gupta).

Yes, I agree I gave film a very good rating and so did the other critics and I am not defending my Review. I had put a caveat on the film in My Youtube Review that the emotional part of the film needs to connect with the audience, if it does not then it will not match upto expectations. But if those emotional parts would have connected then it might have gone the other way round.

But all that is past now, film has to manage with a clean hit status. But we have to celebrate that it has crossed 200 crores and it’s a feat which is still not achieved by many stars. It’s like the Sachin Tendulkar Example I gave inn one of the earlier questions.

When Sachin walked out to Bat everyone expected 100 from him and if he did not make it then he was classified as out of form. On the other hand any other player who made 50 would be called an in Form batsman.

Superstars have a lot of expectations from them and they try to improve their box office collections. Salman in a good action film will still do 300 crore but this genre was different.

Q.5 Why Akshay Kumar is not able to enter the 200 crore club? ( Asked By Akshay Fan)

Overexposure is probably one of the reasons, but then star potential is limited. Akshay Kumar started his career as an action Hero and then when it was a time when action was not working he modified his approach and started fresh with comedy and then picked a series of good subjects.

Action is what suits him and Action is what works today. I am confident that the day he does an out and out action thriller which is well made and has some innovation he can surely shake up the 250 mark also. But the genre he is following right now is limited to a certain audience and does not carry a repeat value also.

But at the moment he is churning hits after hits and working as mini industry. His upcoming films like Kanchana Remake and House full installment can really shake up that 200 crore mark.

Q.6 You Said Kiara Advani is the Next Superstar. Why do you feel So?

When someone makes these types of comments they are generally originated by personal comments. However in Case of my comment on Kiara Advani I was watching a few portions of Machine (The Film was unbearable). Though she did not have these acting and emotion skills at that time but she had a persona and I could sense an X factor in her.

She is currently one the hottest actresses in Bollywood and she has increasing number of Google Searches for last one year. She has to select good films and act in a very professional and friendly manner ( Which she is) from here and rest of the things are a God Gift to her.

Q.7 Who is the Biggest Super star today? ( Asked By Raghav Sharma).

In Terms of fan Following it is:

  • Salman Khan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Aamir Khan
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Ajay Devgan

In Terms of True Box Office Performance it is:

  • Aamir Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Ajay Devgn
  • Ranveer Singh
Q.9 Can Shahrukh Khan still Make a Comeback to the Numero Uno Position ? (Asked By Mini Chadha)

Yes, he can indeed make a comeback. But for that he needs right script and right direction. Don’t be surprised if he gets onto a Super Hit Streak and starts ruling the ranks.


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