Kabir Singh Movie Review: An Immortal Love Story Which will Captivate Your Emotions.

Kabir Singh is a Adorable Love Story which transpires Love, Pain and Humor.

Super Hit

An Immortal Love Story You can't miss

Filled with Magnetic and Charismatic performances by the lead cast and inspired direction.

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Decorated with soulful music in right doses and apt screen play. This one surely deserves to be watched in theaters.

It’s Not everyday that you get to write a review filled with true emotions and hence Kabir Singh Movie Review is special for me. Kabir Singh is all about Strong emotions, some seeti Maar Moments, very good music and very brave direction.

Kabir Singh Movie Plot: Kabir Rajdheer Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is not only a brilliant surgeon, an ex topper of his college but also a very angry young man. He is onto a path of Self Destruction because of his long lost love Preeti (Kiara Advani). Kabir is the most desirable lad in the college while Preeti is your next door neighbor and an introvert by nature who leads a very simple life.

Kabir is senior to Preeti and the first half is dedicated to build their relationship arc. The Second half is a dramatic change to the first half which unfolds the real plot of the film. The second half has a lot to answer and without talking much about the story (not to spoil your fun) let’s move to the next section of our Kabir Singh Movie Review.

Kabir Singh Movie Review: Script and Story Analysis

The immortal lover of Bollywood which is Devdas has been portrayed several times on screen with many cinematic and plot variations right from Dilip Kumar in Devdas (1995) to Shahrukh Khan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of Devdas to Abhay Deol in Dev D, there is something about this heart broken character which always entices the box office.

This time Sandeep Reddy Vanga started his own adaptation to this chain with Arjun Reddy and you can’t help but recall similarities between Devdas. But the treatment of Arjun Reddy made it a cult classic and Kabir Singh is official Hindi Remake of Arjun Reddy.

It’s very hard to determine that whether Sandeep Reddy Vanga wrote the script of Kabir Singh or he actually lived it. On the whole the story and script is top class and entertaining. If it was a exam paper then teacher would have to work really hard to cut any marks in this department.

Kabir Singh Screenplay and Dialogues.

While we have spoken about references to Devdas, but those references end at the Characters. Entire screenplay is fast filled with some “Seeti Maar” moments. The treatment is Fresh and keeps you on edge of your seats throughout the film.

A love story in today’s times is a very risky proposition. But thankfully, we get an immortal Love Story with fresh treatment and a fast narrative. The Journey of Kabir Singh is vast but it’s stitched together so well that you don’t feel disconnected to any plot point even for a moment.

The dialogues are written by Siddharth-Garima and they are impressive not only matching the anger of character but also evoking humor at the right places and emotions at others. There are some places where situations and dialogues will just make your hands go together and before you will realize you will be clapping.

Music Of Kabir Singh:

The songs are good but the film is not burdened with songs even if the music is good and it has become a chart buster. In a rare novelty for Bollywood films the songs are partially used in the film, they are cut and have scenes in between them.

Generally songs are the time when you see a lot of mobiles flashing in the theater and they simply distort the momentum of the film. With Kabir Singh you can’t afford to look at your mobiles as songs are stitched in a very soft manner.

Kabir Singh Direction:

This man Sandeep Reddy Vanga is a genius and Kabir Singh is a proof. He does not like to compromise on any aspect of film making or direction. He ensures that his lead cast gives terrific performances and those who know a little bit about film making will understand the amount of retakes needed for such scenes and here those scenes are weaved into the full movie. Not an easy technical task, as it needs patience, vision and focus from everyone.

The Movie is almost 3 hours long but you don’t feel stretched even for a moment. The Love Story comes packed with enough humor in right doses which keeps the pace of the movie high. Also the there are lots of ups and downs in the movie which keeps your emotions in check and Let’s you enjoy all the moment.

Kabir Singh Editing:

It’s a double edged sword as to deliver a long lasting tale you need time. But probably this part could be a shorter by at least 20 minutes, there are some parts which are not needed and they should release a version soon so that the weekday trends goes higher.

Kabir Singh Performances:

Shahid Kapoor raises the bar and he delivers a performance of a Lifetime with Kabir Singh. The man has given us acting gems like Haider and more but this one is class apart. Not only he carries the film on his broad shoulders but also merges the class and mass act together. Which means that he excels in his performance but also makes it appealing for a large size of audience.

He expresses emotions with ease while audience can’t help but empathize with him and in the situations where humor is needed he supports the situations with suave, his dialogue delivery and body language is extra ordinary. Had it not been for Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s direction and Bravado performance from Shahid Kapoor, the film would have find it tough at the box office.

Kiara Advani on the other hand portrays a much sobered character and she does it with ease. She is gifted with charm and beauty by God but she makes her screen presence felt by the audience. And it’s not easy when to hold your own fort when Shahid Kapoor is firing in a challenging role and you still hold and match up to his performance in each and every frame. Kiara is definitely the next superstar and gonna fill the Gap which will be left by Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Frenandese.

The chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani is something which we have missed for long. It’s simply charismatic.

Kabir Singh Movie Review: Last Words

Kabir Singh belongs to Shahid Kapoor, Sandeep Reddy Vanga and Kiara Advani in that order. This is a new lease of Life for Shahid Kapoor and he should build from here. The main credit for a beautiful film might go to the above three names but you can see hard work of the entire cast and crew to make the film look what it looks Like.

You cannot definitely miss this one and you have to experience it.

Final Word: Highly Recommended as soon as possible.

It might not be a everyone’s cup of tea and it can draw extreme negative reactions as well, hence you need to take reviews with a pinch of Salt and decide whether you can watch a Good but Dark love story or not.


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