Kabir Singh Hit Or Flop: Budget, Distribution Rights, Economics and Trends.

Kabir Singh released with much fanfare at the Indian Box Office on 21st June, 2019.


Kabir Singh Hit Or Flop : Kabir Singh started it’s Box Office Journey With a Bang and trends today are suggesting an even better story for the movie. Let’s take a look at the economics of the film and understand can this film be a Box Office Hit or Super hit.

In this article we will answer the most important questions about Kabir Singh like Movie Budget, Distribution rights, Economics and Trends.

Kabir Singh Movie Budget, Distribution Rights and Economics:


Sr NoHeadAmount in INR Crores
1Budget60 Cr (47 P +13 P&A)
2India Distribution Right32
3Overseas Rights2
4Music Rights5
5Satellite and Digital32
6Ancillary Rights + Endorsements7
7Total Recovery Before Release78
8Profit For Producers Before Release18

Kabir Singh Hit Or Flop:

The below chart will give you an idea on how much Kabir Singh needs to collect for classification.

CollectionsAmount in INR Crores
< 58 CroresFlop
58-68 CroresAverage
68-80 CroresClean Hit
80-105 CroresSuper Hit
>105 CroresBlockbuster

Kabir Singh Collection Till Now:

Kabir Singh has collected 20.21 crores at the Indian Box Office on it’s first day and has started the first Saturday with even better performance.

Conclusion: There is hardly any chance that Kabir Singh will rest at anything less than a Super hit from here. Infact if the film can sustain the weekdays then there is every chance that Kabir Singh will eye for the Blockbuster Mark and even more than that. 

This movie has a come as a new life and new innings for Shahid Kapoor and he should build on it from here. He is only 38 and has a long career in front of him. As far as Kiara Advani is considered the film established her as one of the top actresses in the industry and Director Sandeep Vanga Reddy is now a Force to Reckon with.

Everyone right from Producers, Directors, Actors, Cast, Crew, Distributors to exhibitors are in for a win win game and now the only thing which needs to be decided is the margin of the win.

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