Kabir Singh 5th Weekend Box Office Collection Report: Steady Like a Stone Wall.

Kabir Singh is not giving up the box office any time soon as the film is still showing fantastic trends over the weekend.


Kabir Singh 5th Weekend Box Office: Kabir Singh is really unaffected by any of the new releases which have happened in it’s Life time.

It has overpowered Article 15 already and then Super 30 and The Lion King were Hard able to make any impact to the film.

After collecting a Solid 1.03 crores on it’s 5th Friday the film further grew by 60.19% to collect 1.65 crores at the Box office and then on Sunday it showed a further growth of 39.39% to collect 2.3 crores at the Indian Box Office.

What is truly Fantastic is the number of houseful shows film is reporting across centers even in it’s 5th week. This one is a true All Time Blockbuster on a PAN India Level.

Kabir Singh 5th Weekend Box Office: Collection

DateCollectionDrop / Increase
1st Day (Friday), 21st June, 2019INR 20.21 N.A.
2nd Day (Saturday), 22nd June, 2019INR 22.7012.32%
3rd Day (Sunday), 23th June, 2019 INR 27.9122.95%
4th Day (Monday), 24th June, 2019 INR 17.55-37.12%
5th Day (Tuesday), 25th June, 2019 INR 16.50-5.98%
6th Day (Wednesday), 26th June, 2019 INR 15.90-3.64%
7th Day (Thursday), 27th June, 2019 INR 13.65-14.15%
8th Day (Friday), 28th June, 2019 INR 12.20-10.62%
9th Day (Saturday), 29th June, 2019 INR 17.1040.16%
10th Day (Sunday), 30th June, 2019 INR 17.854.39%
11th Day (Monday), 1st July, 2019 INR 9.07-49.19%
12th Day (Tuesday), 2nd July, 2019 INR 8.25-9.04%
13th Day (Wednesday), 3rd July, 2019 INR 7.52-8.85%
14th Day (Thursday), 4th July, 2019 INR 6.71-10.77%
15th Day (Friday). 5th July, 2019INR 5.40-19.52%
16th Day (Saturday), 6th July, 2019INR 7.5139.07%
17th Day (Sunday), 7th July, 2019INR 9.6027.83%
18th Day (Monday), 8th July, 2019INR 4.25-55.73%
19th Day (Tuesday), 9th July, 2019INR 3.20-24.71%
20th Day (Wednesday), 10th July, 2019INR 3.10-3.13%
21st Day (Thursday), 11th July, 2019INR 3.306.45%
22nd Day (Friday). 12th July, 2019INR 2.54-23.03%
23rd Day (Saturday). 13th July, 2019INR 3.7547.64%
24th Day (Sunday). 14th July, 2019INR 4.058.00%
25th Day (Monday). 15th July, 2019INR 1.68-58.52%
26th Day (Tuesday). 16th July, 2019INR 1.60-4.76%
27th Day (Wednesday). 17th July, 2019INR 1.58-1.25%
28th Day (Thursday). 18th July, 2019INR 1.53-3.16%
29th Day (Friday). 19th July, 2019INR 1.03-32.68%
29th Day (Friday). 20th July, 2019INR 1.6560.19%
30th Day (Friday). 21st July, 2019INR 2.3039.39%
TotalINR 271.19


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