Judgmental Hai Kya Review: Dazzling But Bizarre and Boring.

Judgmental Hai Kya Released in Theaters on 26th July, 2019.

You Might Wanna Skip This One.

Judgmental Hai Kya Movie Review

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Judgmental Hai Kya Review: The trailers of Judgmental Hai Kya were refined and promised a nail biting thriller, Do we get One? We try to answer this question in our Movie Review without being too Judgmental.

Judgmental Hai Kya Plot:

A Tale of Two neighbors filled with suspicion where one of the protagonist Bobby (Kangana Ranuat) has a childhood trauma which leaves her with acute psychosis.  She is a voice over artist who takes the characters too seriously.

A murder takes place and Bobby has suspicions. What will that lead to?

An interesting Plot Indeed.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Script Analysis

A few words which would come to your mind after watching the movie are Crazy, Innovative, Something New, unconventional and Bizzare.

Kanika Dhillon goes all creative while penning the script of Judgmental Hai Kya and the camerawork in this film is exceptional which given much of a breather and novelty to the whole film. The plot of the movie is very risky as it does not only go into the characters but into their brains and and the cinematography by Pankaj Kumar helps success in that objective.

The producer left no short corners with this one and ensured that every scene as per the script demands get a innovative and colorful treatment.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Screenplay Analysis

The script is crazy and tries to offer a new dimension to the film however the screenplay lets the entire project down. Right from scenes which were not required to scenes which can bore you and break the consistency of the plot. You will find almost every wrong move here.

The plot of the movie is also bizarre which means it cannot be accepted by universal audience, and a faster screenplay could have really helped the cause while delivering an entertain product. However it ends up those one of psychological thrillers which fails to grasp your attention from Point A to Point Z.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Direction

the BGM lists up the mood but the whole film as a final product fails to impress you and ends up being a bizzare film. We can see director’s effort in some scenes but then it does not help. Director is the captain of the ship and hence the blame for a bad product has to be faced by the director.

With an offbeat plot you have to ensure that at least the audience is entertained. Because normal audience who spends 1500 Rupees in a Multiplex does not go to watch a film because you have made a bizzare film. They want to go for their own escapade and get entertained in the process.

And Entertainment is what is missing from the entire film. Novelty you will find many.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Performances

Role of Bobby portrayed by Kangana Ranaut is probably the most challenging role in the film and Kangana tries to justify every frame but in the process goes on exaggeration and sometimes over acting as well. Having said that this is not an easy role and it’s easy for an actor even of Kangana’s class to go wrong at times.

Rajkumaar Rao on the other hand is the mystery man and it comes naturally to him and he does complete justice to the role often providing some of the relief points.

The other cast members are more of a supporting role and they play their part to the tune.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Movie Review Without Being Judgmental

While you might want to see it for some novelty this weekend. But be ready to be bored and get psyched a little. This movie does not work apart from a very niche audience. In fact you might just want to give it a miss.

Judgmental Hai Kya: Business Prediction

The Movie will find it tough past the first weekend and might end up collecting less than 40 crores at the Box Office. Hoping that we are wrong and Bollywood gets another hit this week. But if you look at the economics of the film then it’s very tough.

As there’s The Lion King and a Super 30 waiting to capture screens from any movie that does not find the required audience.


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