Jab Harry Met Sejal Buzz and Economics


I have been flooded with queries about this one. Every other person is asking what is the Buzz for Jab Harry Met Sejal and at what mark will it attain a hit status. Writing a quick article to answer all those queries, so enjoy the short and sweet Jab Harry Met Sejal Buzz and Economics.

It is almost known to everyone that i am a die hard Shahrukh Khan Fan, but its my duty to inform about the right facts to my audience.

Shahrukh Khan commands a Huge Fan Following and it is on Pan India Level, so have Mini Trails and Songs presented till now excited people and Trade, have the left the desired impact. The answer is not simple this time. But this article will answer all your questions about Jab Harry Met Sejal Buzz.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Current Buzz

A Straight Answer to the Jab Harry Met Sejal Buzz is that Trade is Optimistic about this movie, its just that. The Buzz if not great like it was for Raees or Dilwale. The core Fans of Shahrukh Khan are going crazy about the mini trails and the songs ( That’s Including me ), but neutral audience is in two minds right now. While the Urabn Audience is excited to watch the movie but the smaller centres are not that excited.

In Short Jab Harry Met Sejal is Not Bad and Its not awesome, but it is somewhere in between. This Somewhere has two implications.

  1. The Makers are very sure of the movie and they know word of Mouth will Take over.
  2. The Makers know that Film will not work in smaller centers and they have accepted that fact.

What i heard of Jab Harry Met Sejal and the way things are planned are as below:

  1. The Film is made to Appeal to Pan India and Global Audience.
  2. The Mini Trails and the songs released till now were to establish the chemistry of the leading actors that is Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma
  3. The Film is full of entertainment from first frame till last frame.
  4. The makers had a very tight schedule to release their assets and they are sticking by it.
  5. The film relies on chemistry the Two main characters and that’s the reason mini trails were planned to introduce the characters and the chemistry and the reason for releasing the two songs which have come out till now.
  6. The Trailer is ready and will hit us early next week and it will be very important for the trailer to find universal acceptance and whatever i have heard of it might just do the needful.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Buzz in Coming Days

We are one month away from the release now, and in Past the same makers have faced an issue with a Shahrukh Khan Movie. where the buzz had to be sustained for a very long period of time with Raees which increased their expenses.

This time the plan is pitch perfect that is induce the audience interest at the right time. While i Agree that Buzz right now is somewhere between great and good. But i firmly believe that the upcoming month will solve that problem for the film and film will have optimal interest from the audience from all centers at the right time.

How Much Does it Need to Collect to be Hit ?

Counting everything if it collects 140 crore in India, it will be a clean Hit.

Based on current situation i am expecting a collection of 155 crore. But this is strictly sticking to the current buzz and situation might change completely in 2 weeks time.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Opening Day and Weekend

Trade is expecting a 20 crore plus opening with a 70 crore weekend.

My prediction for the same is 24 crore opening day and a 90 crore opening weekend. ( Yes you can say the Fan inside me takes over me at times, but my calculations are in place. )

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