How Much Did DDLJ Earn in 23 Years?


A Question which has crossed each one of us How Much Did DDLJ earn in 23 years ? However before we answer that, Let’s look at what happened when it was released.

Initial reception of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

DDLJ released on 20th October, 1995 to sold out shows worldwide. Mumbai ( the city which decided whether a film will be hit or a flop ) had all the shows at all the theaters completely sold out for first week. Only one theater did not sell 100% tickets for the first week.

People worldwide received DDLJ with open Arms. For example, At San Francisco’s Naz theater which had 720 seats back then, more than 1,000 people arrived for the first show and due to people wanting to watch this film at any cost, the theater had to run late night shows to accommodate these patrons. In UK itself the film ran for more than a year. A achievement which even big wigs of Hollywood dreamt of.

Critical Reception

You can search the web . but you will not be able to find many bad reviews and even such a review will not be convincing. 

How Much did DDLJ earn at the Box office Till 24th, October – 2018 ?



  • Total Reported Box Office Collection of Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge – Rs. 61 Crore Net.
  • As of 2009 it was reported that Maratha Mandir has generated Rs. 6.3 crores till then. 
  • Total collections till 2009 in India – 61+6.3 = Rs. 67.3 Crore
  • Now Let’s assume that since 2010 Maratha Mandir has been running a Matinee Show.
  • I personally visited the place spoke to people and any give show of DDLJ has more than 50 people any Weekdays. It goes upto 50-55% on Weekends Including Fridays.
  • Maratha Mandir has over 1000 Seats.
  • So Lets Assume an average ticket rate of Rs. 20
  • There has been a time lapse of 3216 days in between, which means 446 weeks and 2233 Weekdays + 893 Weekends ( We are not counting holidays for this assumption). 
  • By doing the respective calculations DDLJ has crossed Rs. 2.6 Crore since 2010. Taking its total collections to 61+6.3+2.6 = Rs. 69.9 Crores

This number might not seem very big but if we do a retorspective calculation and adjust it will be close to Rs. 400 Crores.

This article is not to prove any point but just to celebrate the Fandom, The Support of Fans and 23 years of DDLJ.


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