Good Newwz Second Week Collection Report: Terrific Performance

Good Newwz has ended the second week today at the box office and the film passed every hurdle with flying colours.


Good Newwz Second Week Collection Report: The film trended pretty well across the weekdays and registered a minimal drop throughout the week.

On Monday, Good Newwz Dropped by 62% over Sunday and just 33% over Friday. After that the film continued with minimal drops of 6%, 5% and today the drop was around 8%.

Good Newwz Second Week Collection Report: Occupancy

Time SlotDay 17 (Sunday)Day 16 (Saturday)Day 15 (Friday)Day 14 (Thursday)Day 13 (Wednesday)Day 12 (Tuesday)Day 11 (Monday)Day 10 (Sunday)Day 9 (Saturday)Day 8 (Friday)Day 7 (Thursday)Day 6 (Wednesday)Day 5 (Tuesday)Day 4 (Monday)Day 3 (Sunday)Day 2 (Saturday)Day 1 (Friday)
Early Morning13%10%7%8%9%10%11%29%24%17%17%33%22%17%38%26%19%
Early Afternoon22%17%12%14%15%16%18%51%33%23%31%68%43%37%56%41%36%
Early Evening35%27%19%20%22%21%28%62%46%32%41%78%54%51%74%58%48%
Early Night34%25%18%19%21%26%32%49%55%38%52%76%64%61%65%65%62%
Tomorrow Film will have a face-off with Chappak and Tanhaji the Unsung Warrior at the box office and collections will come down rapidly but should be good enough to cross 200 crores at the box office.

Good Newwz Second Week Collection Report:

Day 1Friday, December 27, 2019INR 17.56N.A.
Day 2Saturday, December 28, 2019INR 21.7824.03%
Day 3Sunday, December 29, 2019INR 25.6517.77%
Day 4Monday, December 30, 2019INR 13.41-47.72%
Day 5Tuesday, December 31, 2019INR 16.2020.81%
Day 6Wednesday, January 1, 2020INR 22.5038.89%
Day 7Thursday, January 2, 2020INR 10.80-52.00%
Day 8Friday, January 3, 2020INR 8.10-25.00%
Day 9Saturday, January 4, 2020INR 11.7044.44%
Day 10Sunday, January 5, 2020INR 14.4023.08%
Day 11Monday, January 6, 2020INR 5.40-62.50%
Day 12Tuesday, January 7, 2020INR 5.04-6.67%
Day 13Wednesday, January 8, 2020INR 4.77-5.36%
Day 14Thursday, January 9, 2020INR 4.35-8.81%
Day 15Friday, January 10, 2020INR 2.07-52.41%
Day 16Saturday, January 11, 2020INR 3.0547.34%
Day 17Sunday, January 12, 2020INR 4.0432.46%
TotalINR 190.82
Good Newwz has crossed 180 crores in just 14 days and the film is on course to cross 200 crores in India based on the trends this week.

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