Good Newwz Movie Review: You Will Hate the Cramps in your stomach.

Good Newwz is about to release in screens on 27th December, 2019 and the media screening of the film was kept yesterday.

Miss This One At Your Own Risk.

Must Watch With Repeat Value

Perfect Film This Holiday Season.

  • Perfomances
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Story

Good Newwz Movie Review: The word sperm was formally introduced in Bollywood by the film Vicky Donor in 2012 and this movie takes that word to another level.

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Good Newwz Movie Review: Video

Good Newwz Movie Review: Story

The movie has three main writers i.e. Jyoti Kapoor, Rishabh Sharma and Raj Mehta (Also the Director of the Movie) and Screenplay is written Jyoti Kapoor and Rishabh Sharma and Story is by Jyoti Kapoor.

We Never give you spoilers so don’t expect one from this plot brief as well.

Akshay Kumar Plays Varun Batra who works in an Automobile Showroom and is married to Kareena Kapoor Khan Playing Deepti or Deepu Batra. They are having issues conceiving a child and Anajana Sukhani who is Varun’s Sister advises them to visit an IVF clinic.

The IVF Doctor is played by Adil Hussain as Dr. Joshi and he is supported by Tisca Chopra. Another Couple played by Diljit Dosanjh (Honey Batra) and Kiara Advani (Monica Batra) also visits the same clinic for IVF and the sperms and wombs between this couple get exchanged. What happens next is the core of the plot.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Screenplay

Good Newwz carries a terrific screenplay again written By Jyoti Kapoor and Rishabh Sharma. The Screenplay has it’s high and low pitches rightly timed, carries a fantastic pace which does not let you bore even for a second and comedy fits in naturally to the whole scheme of things.

To me, this is one of the finest technical works in 2019.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Direction

The project is helmed by Raj Mehta and it’s his Debut Film. You might not believe this after watching the film because he handles complicated comedy scenes with ease and ensures that each actor fits into the desired role and given their best, but he also handles the emotional scenes with ease while rightly timing them and not feeding too much slowness into the whole narrative. Easily one of the best directions of 2019 and unexpected to come from a debutant director.

This is one of the finest examples of a fully sound technical film that can be totally entertaining at the same time.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Music

The film has a decent line up of songs and they support the narrative well. Apart from having a terrific impact and party songs the movie has songs that fit into the emotional narrative well and does well to lighten the mood of the film at given places.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Cinematography

The cinematography is by Vishnu Rao and it plays a very important role in this movie as the tone of the entire movie is colorful and vibrant and it matches the narrative and the plot well. Also, he does his best to make even the one-sided scenes go into multiple dimensions and brings in as much creativity as possible into the whole project. The art direction of the movie is simply to the mark.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Performances

Starting with the Darling of the Audience Akshay Kumar he again goes one level above and simply raises the bar. This is his fourth release in 2019 where he played a warrior in Kesari, an ISRO scientist in Mission Mangal & made us laugh in Housefull 4. You cannot believe that he plays an urban man and can make us laugh so much in a more matured plot, any lesser actor could have simply ruined the whole scheme go things. Year 2019 belongs to Akshay Kumar.

While Akshay Kumar rules the Screen till Diljit Dosanjh Makes his entry but once he enters as Honey Batra he has given the equal challenge to Akshay Kumar which makes things double funny for the audience.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has a meaty role and is supported by right punches and set of emotions while Kiara Advani does not get much to do in the first half but in the second half, she gets some really memorable scenes.

Adil Hussein and Tisca Chopra plays their part well and fits in the whole scheme of things while Anajna Sukhani and the actor playing her husband does not have much to do but fits in the narrative well.

Good Newwz Movie Review: Final Verdict

It’s a SURE SHOT Blockbuster and it will become unstoppable in the coming days. A must watch the film with a lot of repeat value. Don’t wait, just book your tickets now.

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