Good Newwz Hit Or Flop: Budget, Pre-Release Recoveries & Prediction

Good Newwz has stormed the box office and trending very well at the multiplexes and big centers, this article cover the economics of the film.


Good Newwz Hit Or Flop: Since the film is trending very well at the box office the very next question which will be asked by everyone is whether the film is a Hit or a Flop?

This article will answer all your queries.

In 2018 and 2019 we have seen films collecting huge yet not being able to classify as a hit. The reason is extravagant costs spent on the wrong products. So does Good Newwz Fall in the same category or it carries a Smart economics. Let’s get to the answers now.

Good Newwz Hit Or Flop: Budget & Pre-Release Recoveries

ParameterAmount (In Crores)
Cost of Production
₹ 75.00
Cost of Marketing
₹ 20.00
Good Newwz Landing Cost
₹ 95.00
Recovery From Music Rights
₹ 15.00
Recovery From Digital Rights
₹ 45.00
Recovery From Satellite Rights
₹ 85.00
Recovery From Ads and Alliances
₹ 15.00
Good Newwz Pre Release Recoveries
₹ 160.00
Good Newwz Producer Profit / Loss Before Release
₹ 65.00


We can clearly see from the above chart that Producers have already made Rs. 65 Crores at the box office and thus for them, the film is already a hit. Also, the above cost includes all the fees of all the actors.

So technically for producers, the film is already a Superhit, but that is not how box office works. Box Office Works on how much the film is sold for. In the case of Good Newwz is being distributed by one of the producers which are Zee Studios. So, in this case, there will be an internal agreement between all the producers about how the profits will be shared.

Since the film is being released by the producers themselves the macro distribution fees is not there but the micro fees which include Local Dsibtubutors and direct exhibitors are not disclosed right now but it will be in the range of Rs. 65 crores.

This means that on an overall level sub-distributors or exhibitors need to make 75 crores not including main distributor commission. To Classify as a clean hit. If you remember we have written an article on De De Pyaar De for you to understand how box office economics work. In case you missed that article, here’s how it is calculated.

Before getting there Let’s Understand a Few Definitions:

  1. Producer: A Person who creates and packages the film and responsible to hire director, actor writers and all the cast and crew of the movie is called the producer of the movie.
  2. Distributor: Once the film is ready it needs to reach the theaters and an individual producer might or might not have this capability in house. So he will partner with a corporate house or an individual distributor so that his film can get maximum screens and shows.
  3. Sub Distributors: Once the Distributor acquires the rights of a particular movie then he might distribute this movie at an all India Level or again hire sub-distributors who have strong reach in a particular territory. It’s like a Political Maha Gatbandhan.
  4. Exhibitors: The Cinemas chains or individual cinemas which screen the movie.

Now a Distributor share in general over the weeks looks like this. But this is a model share and it changes from film to film.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Thereafter
Single Screens70-90%70-90%70-90%70-90%
So Now assuming that film has been sold for 65 crores at micro level, the below table stands true for box office classification of Good Newwz.
Collections (In Rs. Crores)Classification
100-130 CroresFlop
130-135 CroresAverage
135-150 CroresClean Hit
150-170 CroresSuperhit
170+ CroresBlockbuster



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