Good Newwz 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report: Good Hold

Good Newwz continues the good run with good occupancy but this week it became a rather low key affair as all the focus was shifted to Chappak and Tanhaji in last 4 days.


Good Newwz 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report: The film is trending very well but before we get into the 3rd Friday collections, let’s understand how much will the film collect at the box office.

In Week 1 Good Newwz had 3876 screens and it collected Rs. 127.90 crores at the Indian Box office while maintaining an average of Rs. 3.3 Lakhs / Screen for the entire week. In the second Week Good Newwz had 2788 screens and collected Rs. 53.76 Crores in the second week.

The Screen reduction was 28.07% while the collections dropped by 57.97%. The average revenue per screen for the week was Rs. 1.93 Lakhs and there was a drop of 41.56% in terms of the per-screen average for the entire week.

Now in the Third week, Good Newwz has 856 screens and if it maintains the trends for a film with a good word of mouth then the reduction in average per screen will be around 40% which means that it will collect around Rs. 1.15 lakh per screen for the entire week.

Since Good Newwz has 856 screens now and we are assuming that the earnings per screen will be Rs. 1.15 lakh on the lower side it’s clear that the film is headed for at least Rs. 10 Crores 3rd week which will take the lifetime total to around 192 crores, any better trending if any newly released films like Chappak or Tanahji The Unsung Warrior trends poorly then it might improve the numbers and might also go past 15 crores in its third week.

The film is surely headed for an Rs. 200 crore NBOC finish in India alone.

Good Newwz 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy Report

Time SlotDay 17 (Sunday)Day 16 (Saturday)Day 15 (Friday)Day 14 (Thursday)Day 13 (Wednesday)Day 12 (Tuesday)Day 11 (Monday)Day 10 (Sunday)Day 9 (Saturday) Day 8 (Friday)Day 7 (Thursday)Day 6 (Wednesday)Day 5 (Tuesday)Day 4 (Monday)Day 3 (Sunday)Day 2 (Saturday)Day 1 (Friday)
Early Morning13%10%7%8%9%10%11%29%24%17%17%33%22%17%38%26%19%
Early Afternoon22%17%12%14%15%16%18%51%33%23%31%68%43%37%56%41%36%
Early Evening35%27%19%20%22%21%28%62%46%32%41%78%54%51%74%58%48%
Early Night34%25%18%19%21%26%32%49%55%38%52%76%64%61%65%65%62%


Good Newwz 3rd Friday (15th Day) Box Office Collection Report:

Day DateCollectionsGrowth
Day 1Friday, December 27, 2019INR 17.56N.A.
Day 2Saturday, December 28, 2019INR 21.7824.03%
Day 3Sunday, December 29, 2019INR 25.6517.77%
Day 4Monday, December 30, 2019INR 13.41-47.72%
Day 5Tuesday, December 31, 2019INR 16.2020.81%
Day 6Wednesday, January 1, 2020INR 22.5038.89%
Day 7Thursday, January 2, 2020INR 10.80-52.00%
Day 8Friday, January 3, 2020INR 8.10-25.00%
Day 9Saturday, January 4, 2020INR 11.7044.44%
Day 10Sunday, January 5, 2020INR 14.4023.08%
Day 11Monday, January 6, 2020INR 5.40-62.50%
Day 12Tuesday, January 7, 2020INR 5.04-6.67%
Day 13Wednesday, January 8, 2020INR 4.77-5.36%
Day 14Thursday, January 9, 2020INR 4.35-8.81%
Day 15Friday, January 10, 2020INR 2.07-52.41%
Day 16Saturday, January 11, 2020INR 3.0547.34%
Day 17Sunday, January 12, 2020INR 4.0432.46%
TotalINR 190.82


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