Golmaal Again Movie Review


Please Note: This Golmaal Again Movie Review Contains No Spoilers. You might think Spoilers and Golmaal, what’s the relation. But this time there is indeed a relation and a Ghastly one.


Gopal, Laxman 1 , Laxman 2, Madhav, Lucky, Khushi , Anna are all brought up in Jamanadas Orphanage. While on one hand Gopal is scared of anything ghost and anything dark and Madhav takes full advantage of his weakness to trouble him.  And on the other hand, Anna ( Played by Tabu ) is a gifted individual who can see and communicate with ghosts. Khushi is a baby left at the gate of the orphanage, Gopal finds him and all the other 5 grow a bond with her.

One fine day Gopal and Laxman 1 run away ( they form one side ) while on other Hand Madhav, Laxman 2 and lucky run away ( they form the second side ).

All these 5 stars of the film are competitors of each other and they specialize in getting Jobs done for PBabli Bhai ( Gopal and Laxman 1) and Vasooli Bhai ( Madhav, Laxman 2 and Lucky ). They specialize in getting properties vacated, but their methods are different.

Gopal is brute power while the team led by Madhav scares people by creating ghost effects in their houses.

One fine day they get a news that Jamanadas is no more and all of them head over to the Orphanage. And mysteries start unfolding. Watch the movie to become a part of the adventure fun ride.

Special Note: Finally you witness the childhood of all the main characters and the kid playing Arshad Warsi just looks like a kid Madhav.

Golmaal Again Performances

While no doubt Ajay Devgn is the main star and the pull factor behind Golmaal, but it would be unfair to say that the film only belongs to him. However, you get to see Ajay Devgn is a totally new Avatar and he does a great job as a captain of the ship leading from the front and you see a different kind of Gopal in Golmaal Again.

Arshad Warsi is captain of Team B and he does a fine job and never disappoints even in a single frame.

While you will notice that Kunal Khemu gets an upgrade, he actually makes an impact. You will love him as Laxman 2 and he actually creates lunging ripples in many scenes.

Tusshar Kapoor is now synonym with Lucky and he does a great Job Too.

Shreyas Talpade is again in a refined form and delivers a lot of punches.

While you can’t give credit to a single person, but this team gets together like a house on fire and their chemistry is not only more relevant and effective now. But now they make you believe in the roles they play. This chemistry is simply outstanding.

Parineeti Chopra is in a new Avatar and at this stage, there cannot be much written about her, but she fits into the Golmaal Team without any effort, like she was always meant for this. Tabu does a fine Job.

Golmaal also has a great supporting cast and all of them are characters which have not only become relevant with time but they also have a great bonding with the audience. Like Vasooli Bhai gets seetis on his entries, When Pappi Bhai enters the screen people can’t help but laugh and when Babli Bhai enters the frame people know that they are ready for something insanely funny.

Prakash Raj and Neil Nitin Mukesh who joins the cast are good too. But Prakash Raj gets a lot of frames to perform and he leaves his mark in one of the craziest mini songs you will witness on the screen.

Overall, in Golmaal Again you will not find a single actor Overacting or not able to fit his part or not able to make you Laugh. That probably is the reason why Golmaal is one of the most loved Franchise of Bollywood.

Golmaal Again Special Mentions

The cinematography is Top notch, sets are vibrant and suit the Golmaal Brand. While Songs could have been better, but the background music is too good.

Golmaal Again Final Review and Movie Rating

Please note the above details are very restricted as there are many spoilers otherwise which will ruin half of the fun which you might actually have in the theatre.

Golmaal Again has a small issue that the character interactions actually slow down the story, but they don’t slow down the narrative. In fact, these story pauses are the points where you get the most comedy and laugh riots out of the film, also Golmaal Again deserved a better climax.

More because the film is so entertaining you don’t actually want it to finish.

Final Movie Review – 3.5/5

Golmaal Again is a Fun ride which everyone must take and there’s no doubt whether you watch it or not. Just book your tickets and have a great Diwali. In fact, there will be a section of the audience who will go for repeat shows.


Golmaal Again Business Rating

Golmaal Deserves a larger showcase and it is released just on about 2700 screens and some screens are shared too. This movie had the potential to cross 30 crore today but it will be restricted to 18-22 crores due to show case.

Nevertheless, Golmaal Again has taken a mind blowing opening across India ranging from 70%-95% and it will turn into housefulls shows for the rest of the Day. It’s the perfect Diwali film.

Final Business Rating – 4/5

It will do business of 17-22 crores on Day 1 and has a potential to cross 130 crores at the Box office. Infact this might be the first 150 Crore Bollywood movie of 2017.

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