Freaky Ali Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: India & Overseas

Freaky Ali was a sports comedy. This article will make you aware of the movie collection and performance of the casts.


Freaky Ali Lifetime Box Office Collectio Report: Freaky Ali was directed by Sohail Khan, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arbaaz Khan, Amy Jackson and Alam Khan. It was released on 9th September 2016.

This was the story of Ali (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who was an adopted orphan and grew up in Mumbai. Ali was living with his mother (Seema Biswas) and his family was very poor. Ali and his family were surviving somehow in their normal lives by selling undergarments. Due to their poverty, the engagement of Ali got cancelled which made his mother very sad, so to come out of their poverty, Ali decided to become rich by hook or by crook.

Although Ali was interested in the field of cricket but decided to take a challenge of golf and turn victorious in the same. In this journey, he got the support of his neighbour and his family well-wisher named Kishan Lal (Asif Basra).

Due to major flaws film was unable to attract the audience. Hence, the movie was the greatest failure at the box office for the year 2016. Additionally, the collection was also quite low at the cinemas.

Here is the detailed collection report of the movie.

Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Summary

Period  Amount (in Crores)
Opening Day INR 2.55
End of Week 1 INR 13.50
End of Week 2 INR 14.55
End of Week 3 INR 14.62
End of Week 4 INR 14.65
End of Week 5 INR 14.67
Lifetime Collection INR 14.67

Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Day Wise

Day Amount (in Crores) Growth/Drop
Day 1 INR 2.55 N/A
Day 2 INR 2.85 12%
Day 3 INR 3.10 9%
Day 4 INR 1.50 -52%
Day 5 – Day 7 INR 3.50 133%
Day 8 – Day 14 INR 1.05 -70%
Day 15 – Day 21 INR 0.07 -93%
Day 22 – Day 28 INR 0.03 -57%
Day 29 – Day 35 INR 0.02 -33%

Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Weekend Wise

Weekend  Amount (in Crores)
Weekend 1 INR 8.50

Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Week Wise

Week  Amount (in Crores)
Week 1 INR 13.50
Week 2 INR 1.05
Week 3 INR 0.07
Week 4 INR 0.03
Week 5 INR 0.02


Freaky Ali Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Country Wise

Country Collections (In Local Currency)
New Zealand 9,606
United States of America 65,615
Australia 32,791
United Kingdom 35,478
Malaysia 16,395
United Arab Emirates 458,750


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