Extraction Movie Review: Even The God Of Thunder cannot Spark this one.

Extraction is an action thriller set up mostly in Bangladesh.


Extraction Movie Review: Imagine waiting for a Chris Hemsworth Flick for over 2 weeks in a Lockdown and the film turns out to be a dumb one.

Extraction Movie Review: The Plot

It revolves around a Kidnapped boy who is Son of an Indian Don who is somehow portrayed as a very powerful entity, so much so that he cannot give the money demanded by the Bangaldeshi Don but he still can threaten people to go on Life Ending Missions.

Saju (Randeep Hooda) is threatened by  Ovi Mahajan Senior (Pankaj Tripathi) to Save his Son Ovi Mahajan Junior. They don’t have money to pay the ransom and they don’t have the brute force needed to extract Ovi from Bangladesh. But Saju is threatened with the life of his son and he thinks of a Plan.

Saju Hires Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) for extraction but seemingly they don’t have money to pay the extraction team also and he Saju decides to intercept Tyler to get Ovi home. With Bangladeshi Forces and Street thugs behind them, will they be able to save Ovi.

Extraction Movie Review: Casting

It’s a Russo Brother’s Project and Netflix already has very high standards of Content and on Top of that it stars the God Of Thunder Chris Hemsworth Himself who is a very popular face across the globe to of course the expectations are sky-high.

But For God’s Sake who takes an actor like Pankaj Tripathi for a 1-minute cameo while other castings apart from Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda is strictly perfect.

Extraction Movie Review: Story

I wish there was one, but it seems like an impromptu direction of go as per the will shows and try to see what did we achieve out of that experiment and since it has names of Russo Brother and Chriss Hemsworth so of course, a big company will pay us for this itself.

But right from the start to end it’s an average story with hardly any thrills. The story in fact is so very weak that characterization of crucial characters goes for a toss. For example, Pankaj Tripathi is a dreaded and Powerful Don but he cannot give the Ransom because his bank accounts are seized by some agency.

In which Worlds do Don’s keep all their Money is Bank, and they can even threaten or take money from other sources. or God’s Sake they are Dons. Thankfully, someone did not mention that he does not have money due to Demonetization otherwise it would have turned out to be a comedy.

The Writing lacks any kind of thrill, right from approaching the target and to the central plot of the story which is all about extraction.

Extraction is not a film but a Showreel for Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth to show of their acting skills.

Extraction Movie Review: Action and Thrills

Let’s first let me tell you about the thrills since that’s an easy part. So There’s not even a single moment which will thrill you.

Action in the first sequence where Tyler takes on the goons Holding on Oli is Pretty good and then the fight between Saju and Tyler. But apart from that its just gunshots from start to the end.

Extraction Movie Review: Final Word

Though, it’s a very big project for Randeep Hooda as he directly gets equal screen time against a giant called Chris Hemsworth.

Even, for hardcore Chris Hemsworth Fans this is just tolerable. The Movie lacks souls, Thrills, Story, action or anything which you would expect out this movie.

It’s a giant pile of shooting shots inspired by Video Games and That’s it.

My Suggestion: You have got better things to do than watching Extraction. Rather Pick up that Broom and start cleaning your house, even simply counting the stars for 2 hours will be more entertaining than this flick. Also, the movie comes with a sort of Abstract ending where God Of Thunder supposedly dies.

Maybe that’s the reason he did this film as Robert Downey Junior, Scarlett Johansson with many other avengers got a chance to die in Avengers Endgame and probably Chris Hemsworth was missing out dying in a movie. So here he goes, whether he dies or not is a question if there’s another sequel of extraction but the film has the capacity to leave You brain dead for those 2 hours.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend heavy dollars and Rupee on this one and don’t have to make efforts to go to the theatre.

It’s a Complete miss and does not meet any of the Netflix Standards forget the John Russo and Chris Hemsworth Standards.

A Pile of Boredom

You Can Miss This One

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