Durgamati Movie Review: Bhumi Pednekar & Arshad Warsi Shines But The Film Fails To Match The Original Film

Durgamati starring Bhumi Pednekar premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the review of the film.


Durgamati Movie Review: During this COVID-19 the multiplexes and theatres all over the country got closed due to the lockdown. To continue the mode of entertainment many films took the route of releasing on OTT Platforms. OTT platforms have been the best source of entertainment for viewers during the lockdown.

Durgamati released on Amazon Prime Video on 11 December 2020 worldwide. Here are some important information about the film.

Durgamati Movie Review: Cast

  • Bhumi Pednekar as Chanchal Chauhan IAS/ Durgamati
  • Arshad Warsi as Ishwar Prasad
  • Jisshu Sengupta as ACP Ajay Singh
  • Mahie Gill as Satakshi Ganguly
  • Karan Kapadia as Shakti Singh
  • Ashok Sharma as Ajay’s Father
  • Dhanraj as Nand Singh

So how is the film? Will it find to impress the audience lets analyze.

Durgamati Movie Review: Story

Durgamati story revolves around an imprisoned IAS officer who is being interrogated at a  haunted house. The story is based on a state where several robberies of expensive and priceless idols from the temples. Ishwar Prasad (played by Arshad Warsi) minister of the ruling party makes a commitment with the people that if his government fails to bring back the idols within 15 days he will step down as the minister and quit politics forever.

His party ministers were miffed by his statement and planned a corruption charge against Ishwar. Satakshi Ganguly (played by Mahie Gill) of CBI appointed for the investigation. For the investigation, Satakshi takes help from the local Commissioner  Abhay Singh (played by Jisshu Sengupta).

As a part of the interrogation, Satakshi interrogates Chanchal Chauhan (played by  Bhumi Pednekar) an IAS officer who closely worked with Ishwar Prasad for so many years. Chanchal was serving a jail sentence for murdering her fiancee Shakti (played by Karan Kapadia). Shakti was the brother of Abhay and they didn’t spare Chanchal for this.

Hence they decide to interrogate Chanchal at a secret location and they decided to do it at the Durgamati Haveli. The whole team of the officers was frightened as they knew about the horror story about the haveli. The interrogation begins but Satakashi couldn’t get any relevant information against Ishwar Prasad.

Chanchal repeatedly says that Ishwar Prasad is a clean man & is away from any type of corruption. At night the officers refused to stay back in the haveli and asked Chanchal to stay back there alone. Chanchal complained about the mysterious happenings at the haveli but the cops were not allowed to help her.

Mysterious things started to happen even in the day and night and Chanchal was attacked by the ghost. A few days later the spirit of Durgamati was all over Chanchal. At first, Satakshi & Abhay thought that Chanchal was acting fake to skip the interrogation but later they realized that there are powerful things happening that are beyond law and beliefs.  What happens next makes the plot of the film.

Durgamati Movie Review: Screenplay

G Ashok did a decent job with the screenplay in the film. The film has an interesting combination of horror & politics. G Ashok tried his best but lacked at some point. Some of the scenes are outstanding at various locations but some lack good touch.

The dialogues of the films are also decent but at some point, it was not required. However, it will be a good cinematic experience on the OTT Platform. The scenes will look more exceptional when it will get on the big screens of multiplexes.

Durgamati Movie Review: Direction

G Ashok as a director was simple & he kept in mind that he was making a commercial film. Some of the scenes are perfectly shot, he handled both the plot of politics and horror with ease. The film was full of cinematic scenes but wasn’t executed properly. The film is a remake of the South-Indian film Bhaagmathie in which the lead role was played by Anushka Shetty wh did an exceptional job. The film has a different ending and which increased the runtime towards the end.

Various flaws in the script & storytelling let the director down.

Durgamati Movie Review: Music

The film has only one song titled Baras Baras which viewers will enjoy. The background score by Jake Bijoy is good and provides a good theatrical experience. The theme song is quite impressive.

Durgamati Movie Review: Performances

Bhumi Pednekar has given her best performance so far in the film. She is quite in the character of Chanchal and played it well. She played the horror Durgamati part decently but failed to match the standard set by Anushka Shetty in the original film. But we have to give credit to the actor that she has come out well in the film.

Arshad Warsi as Ishwar Prasad did a fantastic job and he has managed to do well in all his scenes. The fans will be excited to see him in a new role. Mahie Gill has impressed with her performance and the Bengali accent that comes when she tries to speak Hindi is enjoyable.

Karan Kapadia has done quite well in some scenes but looked out of form in romantic scenes he tried to perform too hard in these scenes. Jisshu Sengupta also did a decent job in the role of Commissioner. All other characters were commendable.

Durgamati Movie Review: Final Verdict

However, the film has an interesting plot and have some twist & turns in the second half. The film failed to match the level of the original film. Durgamati could have been better on the budget it was made. The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Akshay Kumar & Krishan Kumar.

Actor Akshay Kumar whose film Laxmii premiered on the OTT platform produced the film and also promoted it through his social media platforms. Film’s trailer made a good buzz among the audience and Bhumi was appreciated for her performance. So Durgamati can be your good one-time watch this weekend. It would have been interesting to see the response to the film when it releases in theatres.

Rating2.5 Stars


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