Box Office China Report: 19th June, 2019 – MIB: International Still Rules!!


Box Office China Report: MIB: International had debuted at Spot no 1 on it’s opening day with $8.62 Mn and Total Gross of $9.14 Mn and on it’s 6th day it collected $2.02 with Total Gross of $32.94.


Box Office China Report: 19th June, 2019

RankTitleGross(M)Cume Gross(M)Per Screen Avg.Per Ticket Avg.ShowingsAdmissionsDays
1Men in Black International$2.02$32.94$23.07$5.21876813881816
2My Best Summer$1.40$49.54$24.99$4.675595629954114
3Godzilla: King of the Monsters$0.91$126.56$26.63$4.953428818446520
43 Seconds$0.75$5.24$33.74$4.57222011638517
5Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ$0.59$40.75$27.38$5.182150211371414
6Macau Is The Seat of The City$0.49$5.59$21.25$4.88230971004796
7X-Men: Dark Phoenix$0.43$57.07$19.06$5.09225408442114
8Whisper Of Silent Body$0.25$3.79$12.11$4.4720252549046
10Zhou Enlai Returned To Yanan$0.05$1.87$123.71$5.05397971936
Converted To Indian Rupees
RankTitleGross(Mn)Gross(Crores)Total (Mn)Total (Crores)Days
1The White Storm 2: Drug Lords$21.11INR 145.76$42.39INR 292.702
2Spider-Man: Far From Home$11.88INR 82.03$156.23INR 1,078.779
3The Secret Life of Pets 2$3.94INR 27.21$6.59INR 45.502
4Spirited Away$1.64INR 11.32$64.06INR 442.3316
5LOLI POP IN FANTASY$1.10INR 7.60$1.98INR 13.672
6Toy Story 4$0.47INR 3.25$27.48INR 189.7516
7Mortal Ouija$0.22INR 1.52$5.69INR 39.2916
83 Seconds$0.10INR 0.69$12.91INR 89.1424
9My Best Summer$0.08INR 0.55$59.64INR 411.8131
10Godzilla: King of the Monsters$0.06INR 0.41$135.44INR 935.2137


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