Dabangg 3 Hit Or Flop: Budget, Pre-Release Recoveries & Prediction

Dabangg 3 is all set to hit the theaters on a record breaking number of screens and fans can't wait to know about the economics of the film. This article will answer all that you need to know.


Dabangg 3 Hit Or Flop: One question which crosses everyone’s mind nowadays is will this Salman Khan film give him a blockbuster this time around.

We have seen in many cases where despite doing fantastic collections films have struggled to get a clean hit tag at the box office right from Saaho to Housefull 4, but in case of Dabangg 3 that is not the case, as Salman Khan films are the producer the overall costs are very much in control.

In case you don’t like to read here’s a small video that will take you through all the important details about the film.

Dabangg 3 Hit Or Flop: Budget and Pre-Release Recoveries

ParameterAmount (In Crores)
Cost of Production
₹ 85.00
Cost of Marketing
₹ 15.00
Dabangg 3 Landing Cost
₹ 100.00
Recovery From Music Right
₹ 15.00
Recovery From Digital Rights
₹ 60.00
Recovery From Satellite Rights
₹ 80.00
Recovery From Ads and Alliances
₹ 20.00
Dabangg 3 Pre Release Recoveries
₹ 175.00
Dabangg 3 Producer Profit / Loss Before Release
₹ 75.00


Summary: The cost of Dabangg 3 are very much in control and producers have already earned 75 crores minimum before the release of the film. Now Salman Khan Film is distributing the film by themselves. Advance Booking Report of Dabangg 3 is going on a very nice pace right now and the film is expected to release n 5400 screens on 20th December 2019.

Being a Salman Khan Film Dabangg 3 Carries a very strong buzz and it’s bound to take an opening of 35-40% in the early morning slots. It might even go higher than this. Everything is well set for Dabangg 3, now all it needs a good word of a mouth and a film that a large section of the audience can enjoy with their families.

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Comments on Dabangg 3 Hit Or Flop: Budget, Pre-Release Recoveries & Prediction

  • Sartaj ali


  • AF

    Man, you are a genius! Goodnewws’ landing cost according to you is 95 crores, which requires 135 – 150 cr to be declared as a “Clean hit” at the Indian box-office and 150 – 170 cr to be a “superhit”. However, in the case of Dabangg3, which again according to you has a landing cost of £100 crores but it would require minimum of 180 cr to be declared as a clean hit at the Indian box-office and 235 – 240+ cr to be a superhit.
    Wow, the difference between the landing costs of these movies are only 5 crores, yet to be declared a Hit Dabangg3 would require earning 35 crores more than Goodnewwz. Both movies are co-produced by Salman Khan and Akshay respectively. Additionally, Salman is distributing this movie himself. I must say you are a genius, oh sorry, “the genius”, because, I can’t figure-out the rational or the mathematics behind your arithmetic calculation. Kudos!


      screen count may make differences

  • rahul

    yes even bharat budget uis 125 cr n eearned 213 cr status was Hit but housefull 4 budget was 125 it earned 204 n verdict is super hit… c dffernce y salman khan will get ratings less datsy he is biggest star