Dabangg 3 4th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Till Afternoon shows

Dabangg 3 did not have the expected weekend due to many factors but it needs to maintain the levels today at the box office.


Dabangg 3 4th Day: The film has surely underperformed when we look at the macro levels but that is due to many uncontrollable factors in the country right now. Now in order to take complete advantage of the long holiday period, Dabangg 3 needs to show a solid hold on the weekdays.

In its first weekend, Dabangg 3 has crossed 80 crores at the box office as the film was badly hit in sectors like UP and Delhi due to the ongoing political situation in the country. Delhi and U.P. Combined contribute an equal amount to Dabangg films but that is simply missing this time.

Before we get into the Monday business of Dabangg 3, let’s try to understand what will be considered a good hold for the film today.

What Should be the level of Business for Dabangg 3 on its 4th Day?

Generally, a drop of 50% is considered a good hold on the first Monday over Friday. Dabangg 3 collected 24.5 crores on its opening Friday at the box office. Which in simple arithmetic terms means If Dabangg 3 collects 12.25 crores on Monday it will be considered a Good hold.

But the blind spot lies with the political situations as Film Trade analysts are not equipped to monitor these types of situations hence putting a figure to it will be wrong. But still, U.P. is missing the Dabangg 3 right now and if normalcy returns to U.P. today (Which we are not sure of ) then Dabangg 3 can still go beyond a much higher number as it will be like the opening day for the film. But sadly that does not seem to be the situation right now.

Dabangg 3 4th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Update: Occupancy Report

On Friday Dabangg 3 Opened to around 28% and today the film has opened to 22% but ticket rates are lower today. Till afternoon Dabangg 3 has reported around 37% occupancy which was 47% on Saturday. Which means that film is on track right now to pass the Monday test.

4th Day (Monday) Early Estimate – Rs. 12.65 cr

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