Commando 3 Movie Review: Beautiful Message roped into a Fast Screenplay.


Must Watch

  • Direction 9
  • Plot 8
  • Action 8
  • Editing 8
  • Perfomances 8

Commando 3 Movie Review: Third in the franchise the film directly takes off from where it’s predecessor had left the game. Only this time the stakes are higher and the game is bigger.

For those who don’t like to read here’s a quick Commando 3 Movie Review.


Commando 3 Movie Review: Plot Analysis

A devastating plan unfolds which might change the way the world looks and India and it may leave the Nation divided forever into two segments of Hindu – Muslim. While the Intelligence agencies don’t even know about the gravity of the situation but they understand that it’s a red alert and they bring in their best to crack the case.

Vidyut Jamval reprising his role as Karanveer Singh Dogra is accompanied by Adah Sharma as Bhawna Reddy, Angira Dhar as Mallika Sood and Sumeet Thakur as Armaan.

While the duo faces their toughest threat ever as the stakes are high, the nemesis comes in the form of Buraq Ansari played by Gulshan Devaiah.

The movie revolves around their competition to establish their goal while not only brute power is not the only requirement to defeat the enemy but the mind games also play an important role.

Commando 3 Movie Review: Screenplay Analysis

Written by Darius Yarmil and Junaid Wasi the screenplay is fast and furious, which will also keep you curious though out. Full marks for a fast-paced screenplay here.

Commando 3 Movie Review: Action and Editing

The action of the movie is top-notch and given the budget of the film, it’d hard to believe the execution. It’s a fine example of achieving world-class action at a very economical budget.

While critics can say about every film that the film could be shorter by 15 minutes, frankly you find it hard to spot any scene which was unnecessary and it’s a fine cut.

Commando 3 Movie Review: Direction

Directed by Aditya Datt the director succeeds in bringing out the best from the budget, script, crew and the cast and ends up delivering a very fine thriller decorated with the right message and beautiful world-class action.

Commando 3 Movie Review: Direction

So you don’t expect an award-winning performance out of these types of films but there are special mentions.

While Vidyut Jamval has almost become Karanveer Dogra he plays the role with fluency and raises the notch higher with his action but the real icing on the cake this time is Gulash Devaiah who essays role of a cold-blooded terrorist hidden in a very normal urban world with ease and perfection, in fact, this is one of his best performances ever.

Coming to the ladies just like Vidyut, Adah has also become comfortable with Bhawna Reddy as she literally takes huge character jumps and lives the character with complete ease and finesse. While Angira Dhar the new addition to Commando Franchise is not only gorgeous, fits the role but also delivers a suitable performance.

Commando 3 Movie Review: Final Verdict

Commando 3 has a beautiful soul and message embodied in the right body. The message itself makes it a must-watch film and a fast non-boring screenplay is the icing on the cake.

The film tries to bridge the communal gap in a beautiful way and make you feel more Indian and proud of our diverse heritage.

It’s a Must Watch.

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