China Box Office Report: 12th June, 2019. X-Men Dark Phoenix Falls badly!!


China Box Office Report: My Best Summer has overtaken X-Men Dark phoenix and the later has been rejected by the Chinese audience completely.

Chasing the Dragon 2 which is right now at at 3rd spot can over take Dark Phoenix by tomorrow. Godzilla: The King of monsters is still going strong on it’s 13th day while Aladdin will soon be out.

Kaabil which opened low has been able to retain the screens it started on but it failed to show any growth at the Chinese Box office.

China Box Office Report: 12th June, 2019

          1. RankTitleGross(M)Cume Gross(M)Per Screen Avg.Per Ticket Avg.ShowingsAdmissionsDays
            1My Best Summer$2.52$34.09$31.64$4.66795795402997
            2X-Men: Dark Phoenix$1.78$50.72$23.91$5.21743153411807
            3Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ$1.75$34.03$31.53$5.17553483377417
            4Godzilla: King of the Monsters$1.62$116.14$28.05$5.065764831978313
            7Zhou Enlai Returned To Yanan$0.09$1.44$177.06$4.864921791429
            8Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration$0.05$17.91$7.93$4.3867711225312
            9Detective Pikachu$0.04$91.70$18.80$5.112312850934
            10A Dog’s Journey 2$0.02$28.26$13.94$5.321148300627
Converted To Indian Rupees
RankTitleGross(Mn)Gross(Crores)Total (Mn)Total (Crores)Days
1My Best Summer$2.52INR 17.57$34.09INR 237.687
2X-Men: Dark Phoenix$1.78INR 12.41$50.72INR 353.627
3Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ$1.75INR 12.20$34.03INR 237.267
4Godzilla: King of the Monsters$1.62INR 11.29$116.14INR 809.7313
5Aladdin$0.50INR 3.49$49.58INR 352.0220
6Kaabil$0.31INR 2.16$4.31INR 30.058
7Zhou Enlai Returned To Yanan$0.09INR 0.63$1.44INR 10.2429
8Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration$0.05INR 0.35$17.91INR 124.8712
9Detective Pikachu$0.04INR 0.28$91.70INR 639.3334
10A Dog’s Journey 2$0.02INR 0.14$28.26INR 197.0327

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