China Box Office Daily Collection: June 6th, 2019 (Thursday).


China Box Office Daily Collection: Godzilla was displaced by X Men: Dark Phoenix from the top mantle and Chasing the Dragon 2 occupied Rank 2.

Kaabil which opened day before yesterday has been able to over take Aladdin at CBO. While Godzilla and My Best Summer occupy Rank no 3 and 4 Respectively.

Right now there are two Bollywood movies running in China Kaabil and Mom.

Note Some collections are pending which will be updated by 11 PM Tonight.

China Box Office Daily Collection: June 5th, 2019

China Box Office Summary: Special Note

Though Mom has moved out of Top 10 but it is still collecting decent figures, today it collected $0.9 Mn taking the total over $16 MN in China alone.

China Box Office Report Update: Detailed Charts 5th June, 2019

          1. RankTitleGross(M)Cume Gross(M)Per Screen Avg.Per Ticket Avg.ShowingsAdmissionsDays
            1X-Men: Dark Phoenix$11.51$12.63$88.46$5.2313013622000411
            2Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ$6.82$7.85$69.82$5.139770713308321
            3Godzilla: King of the Monsters$3.58$87.76$87.47$5.02409287131567
            4My Best Summer$3.55$3.74$125.68$4.67282147592551
            7Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration$0.14$14.66$22.15$4.256290327856
            8Our Infinite Further$0.13$0.15$23.62$4.125408309831
            9Detective Pikachu$0.06$90.22$35.61$5.1917451197928
            10Zhou En Lai$0.03$1.13$76.75$3.104251052023
China Box Office Report: Converted To Indian Rupees
RankTitleGross(Mn)Gross(Crores)Total (Mn)Total (Crores)Days
1X-Men: Dark Phoenix$11.51INR 80.25$12.63INR 88.061
2Chasing the Dragon Ⅱ$6.82INR 47.55$7.85INR 54.731
3Godzilla: King of the Monsters$3.58INR 24.96$87.76INR 611.867
4My Best Summer$3.55INR 24.75$3.74INR 26.081
5Kaabil$0.66INR 4.60$1.30INR 9.232
6Aladdin$0.37INR 2.58$42.87INR 298.8914
7Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration$0.14INR 0.98$14.66INR 104.266
8Our Infinite Further$0.13INR 0.91$0.15INR 1.051
9Detective Pikachu$0.06INR 0.42$90.22INR 629.0128
10Zhou En Lai$0.03INR 0.21$1.13INR 7.8823

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