Chef Movie Review: A Non Spicy Beautiful Dish


It’s no secret that Saif Ali Khan is not going through a good time at the Box office and with Chef he is in search of a good film which can win him back some trust from the audience. Will ” Chef ” be that film, let’s find out with Chef Movie Review.


In the beginning, it is established that Roshan ( Saif Ali Khan ) has been through a divorce and his Ex-Wife Radha tells him that ” the relationship between them is over, but not with their son. So don’t let him ( his son ) go away from him. Roshan is a Chef with a temper and he ends up losing his job because he punches a customer who is not happy with his cooking. And Roshan uses this very opportunity to connect with his and travel to Cochin. Then he makes all the efforts to come close to his son, but while he is about to travel back to New York he gets an opportunity to run a food bus. Now the fun starts as its a one long Food Trip from Cochin to Delhi with his son. What turns will this road trip take, how will the father-son relationship be affected forms the rest of the Story of Chef.

What you need to know is that though Chef is a remake of a Hollywood title with the same name but its not a scene to scene copy it’s rather an adaptation which has the recipe to make the Indian audience like this one.


Chef takes time to hit off and the initial scenes are not convincing neither impactful, however, the film has sparks of brilliance once Roshan lands in India and meets Armaan ( His son ) and Biju ( Milind Soman ). The rest of the movie is fast-paced including the second half, barring one sequence where people die to eat out of this food truck and this venture becomes famous, many will find this situation hard to digest.


Raja Krishna Menon shows sparks of brilliance in patches and folks in Bollywood need to take this man seriously, the man definitely has a lot of untapped potentials. Chef was not an easy subject because the movie relies on emotions, Raja does well in parts but the emotional outburst is missing where it was needed the most ( The Climax ).


Music is just about okay but situational, songs like Shugal Laga le and banjara adds tremendous value to the film. The background score of the film is catchy. Overall Raghu Dixit does a good job.


Saif Ali Khan is a tiger when it comes to urban films, his performance in Chef is the backbone of the film and he delivers the wits with a suave. Not only with the humor but in sequences which needed emotional dope, he shines and he does not mind taking a dig on himself and it might be the funniest moment of the film.

Svar Kamble ( The Son ) does well and matches Saif Ali Khan in every frame, the strong point about chef is the Father-son bonding and Svar totally nails this one.

Padmapriya ( Roshan’s ex-wife ) is beautiful and looks gorgeous, but that’s about it. Milind Soman is reverse aging and Chef is a proof to that, while with good looks he also delivers a suitable performance.

But the pick of the lot is Dinep P Nair ( Alex – The Driver ), he will unexpectedly make you laugh and that promises that if gets an out an out comedy film then he can shine.

Chef Final Movie Review and Rating

Chef is a simple feel-good film, with a good effort from the entire team. But it misses the Indian spices and though it can be called a tribute to the original but this adaptation despite all the good efforts is not suitable for the Indian audiences. It should still find some relevance with the metro multiplex audience and the film does have limited potential to grow with word of mouth.

The Main villain of the film is slow narrative in parts and the movie is 2 hour 13 minutes long, combine that with a multiplex break and beginning ads and you get a 3-hour time slot with the film and film does not have potential to hold your interest for so long. Had this been a 20-30 minute lesser affair it could have been more impactful.

Chef is a beautiful film and will find some patronage, however, a large section of the audience has been ignored with the treatment.

It’s a much watch for those who love classy act in action and do not care about the routine masala stuff.

Final Rating 3/5

Chef Commercial Rating

The movie has opened well below expectations due to 5 main reasons.

  1. It’s a dull Pre Diwali Period.
  2. Judwaa 2 is still going strong.
  3. Saif Ali Khan is not a Box Office Puller right now.
  4. The film is too urban in nature.
  5. The treatment of the film is too urbane in nature.

Final Commerical Rating – 1.5/5.

This film will not collect more than 15 crores at the Indian Box Office.


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