Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: India & Overseas

Chef was a comedy-drama. This article will make you aware of the movie collection and performance of the casts.


Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Chef was directed by Raja Krishna Menon, starring Saif Ali Khan and
Padmapriya Janakiraman in prominent roles. It was released on 6th October 2017.

This was the remake of a Hollywood movie named Chef. This was the story of a chef  Roshan Kalra ( Saif Ali Khan). Roshan was fired from the job due to his arrogant nature. Once he slapped the customer when the customer told that the food was not good.

The movie also focuses on the father-son relationship and the struggle parents faces to raise their children.

Due to various flaws film was unable to attract the viewers. Hence, the movie failed miserably at the box office for the year 2017.

Here is the detailed collection report of the movie.

Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Summary

Period  Amount (in Crores)
Opening Day INR 1.05
End of Opening Weekend INR 4.00
End of Week 1 INR 5.60
End of Week 2 INR 6.35
End of Week 3 INR 6.37
Lifetime Collection INR 6.37

Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Day Wise

Day Amount (in Crores) Growth/Drop
Day 1 INR 1.05 N/A
Day 2 INR 1.35 29%
Day 3 INR 1.60 19%
Day 4 INR 0.45 -72%
Day 5 INR 0.40 -11%
Day 6 INR 0.40 0%
Day 7 INR 0.35 -13%
Day 8 – Day 14 INR 0.75 114%
Day 15 – Day 21 INR 0.02 -97%

Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Weekend Wise

Weekend  Amount (in Crores)
Weekend 1 INR 4.00

Chef Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Week Wise

Week  Amount (in Crores)
Week 1 INR 5.60
Week 2 INR 0.75
Week 3 INR 0.02

Box Office Collection Report: Territory Wise

Territory  Amount (in Crores)
Mumbai INR 1.90
Delhi-U.P INR 1.26
East Punjab INR 0.72
CP INR 0.29
CI INR 0.22
Rajasthan INR 0.32
Nizam-AP INR 0.30
Mysore INR 0.28
West Bengal INR 0.25
Bihar & Jharkhand INR 0.10
Assam INR 0.04
Orissa INR 0.04
Tamil Nadu & Kerala INR 0.05
Others INR 0.60

Box Office Collection Report: Country Wise

Country Collections (In Local Currency)
New Zealand 13,101
United States of America 94,374
Australia 25,110
United Kingdom 49,394
Malaysia 4,478
United Arab Emirates 477,100

Box Office Collection Report: Worldwide Collection

Parameter  Amount (in Crores)
India box office Nett cr. INR 6.37
India box office Gross cr. INR 8.85
Overseas Gross cr. INR 1.30
Worldwide collections Gross cr. INR 10.15


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