Chappak 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report: Low Again

Chappak had a considerable dip yesterday at the box office and today the dip is even more.


Chappak 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report: The film is not trending as per the expectations and that is reflecting in the box office results now.

As Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior Continues to cruise and rule the box office, it has to have major side effects on Chappak. Apart from that weak trending films are also affected by other things like an India Vs Australia cricket match today.

Yesterday, Chappak was trending well till evening but in a surprising turn of event the night occupancies were unnatural this happens in rarest cases.

Chappak 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy

Chappak has opened the day today with low occupancy of 13% in early morning shows and morning shows ran at just 16%, post which it was not able to show any considerable improvement even in afternoon shows and ran at 22% and the evening shows at 4 PM ended at just 27% occupancy.

Occupancy Till now has been as follows:

  • 4th day (Monday) – 20% (EM), 25% (M), 29% (EA), 30% (A), 32% (EE), 33% (E), 34% (EN), 24% (N)
  • 3rd day (Sunday) – 25% (EM), 31% (M), 36% (EA), 38% (A), 40% (EE), 41% (E), 43% (EN), 43% (N)
  • 2nd  Day (Saturday) – 22% (EM), 27% (M), 31% (EA), 33% (A), 35% (EE), 36% (E), 37% (EN), 27% (N)
  • 1st day (Friday) – 18% (EM), 22% (M), 24% (EA), 32% (A), 33% (EE), 36% (E), 34% (EN), 21% (N)

Film really needs to pick up from here otherwise the writing is on the wall.

Chappak Collections Till Now:

Friday, January 10, 2020INR 4.77N.A.
Saturday, January 11, 2020INR 6.9044.65%
Sunday, January 12, 2020INR 7.9214.78%
Monday, January 13, 2020INR 2.35-70.33%
TotalINR 21.94


The drop over Sunday is a huge 70% and drop over Friday is 50.34% which could have decent had the film taken a better opening.

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  • Samir Boyal

    This is but expected. You stand with anti nationals… you get it back. People are not fool.