Bolivud: Live Questions and Answers at 4 PM on 12th June, 2019


After many personal requests we are starting this Live Questions and Answers session. We will answer all the valid questions about any query that you might have.

Just Use Comments Sections to post Your Questions and We will start answering them at 4 PM and we will be taking in Live questions from 4 – 5 PM today.

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Q.1 Hrithik Vs Tiger Will be The HGOTY? ( Asked By Arbaz Younus )

A.1 It’s very difficult to pronounce a Movie HGOTY before even a Poster or trailer for the movie come out. What we know till now is it is an Out an Out Action Thriller and this Genre is a big draw at the box office. Also it Brings Together 2 big stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff so excitement will be great due to this unique pairing.

Hrithik Roshan has a huge box office potential and he has missed that out by not doing the Genre that suits him with right budget. On Paper HVsT looks like a winner but how big that we will have to wait till trailer of the Movie Comes out.

Q.2 When will SRK announce his next? Why he is taking so much time to do so? What are some confirmed scripts that have been given to him? ( Asked By Saumyata )

A.2 If all goes well his next should be announced by June End or 1st week of July. He is taking so much of time to select a film because off late his films have not created the wonders at the box office according to his potential and he knows that bad films are the main reason.

Sometimes, it’s good to go away from the work and come back refreshed. He was offered Satte pe Satta, Don scripting is still not started, there’s a high chance that he might sign up for Dhoom 4, and rest all the other films offered to him have been rejected outright.

Q.3 Why is Red Chillies Entertainment so stagnant and doesn’t make big films (or any films) more often, other than SRK? ( Asked By Saumyata )

A.3 There was a time when Shahrukh Khan would do a film and it would be a Super hit and that has somehow gone into the DNA of the company. But in Last two years they have produced two good thrillers Ittefaq and Badla. So they need to scale this model up for sure.

Q.4 Will Bharat Flop? ( Asked by Aamir Khan )

No it won’t. You can read a detailed analysis of the same here.

Q.5 Is Aamir Khan still bigger than Salman Khan? ( Asked By Aamir Khan )

It’s an unfair question. Both of them are the biggest while Salman Khan as a Star has more appeal and a larger fan following but Aamir Khan is an institution by himself he has created 100, 200, 300 crore club at the box office and he has audience trust with him

One thugs of Hindostan cannot affect that. So to answer is finally Salman Khan has more die hard Fans but at the box office both of them are an equal draw and Aamir Khan understand the audience taste better and gives everything to create the right product which has helped him gain the audience trust and deliver ATBB one after another.

Q.5 Why did Zero fail? Why it didn’t even took a good opening? (Asked By Himesh )

A.5. Zero was a ROMCOM , you can read this article and figure out How ROMCOMs are shrinking at the box office.

Moreover the film could not live upto the audience expectations. The film did not open well because people are not going out to watch ROMCOMs in large numbers. You cannot go out and make a film in genre which is not a big draw at the box office and put a mammoth budget behind it.

Since day 1 Zero was termed as a very risky film. There were multiple reasons to call it a risky film.

  • Shahrukh Khan had a Jab Harry Met Sejal and Other flops behind him and he was again being cast with Anushka Sharma.
  • Both Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma had unorthodox roles and it was very difficult for everyone to like them in these roles.
  • The VFX of the film was good but was it needed in this genre, according to us it was a lot of resources wasted for an outdone genre.

Hope that answers your question. We will try to write a detailed article on this with facts and commerical figures soon.

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Q.6 Is SRK really in talk with Rajkumar Hirani for a film? ( Asked By Rahul Garg )

A.6 U Can easily call it a rumor for now. By the way it’s not a rumour but the way Shahrukh Khan is deciding it might never come to life.

Q.7 Your expectations from House full 4? Can it do 250 cr+ ? ( Asked By Uday Arora )

A.8 No. Very difficult unless they come out with a master piece comedy. The highest grossing comedies till date are Chennai Express ( ROMCOM ) – 227.13 crores and Golmaal Again – 201.37 crores.

Akshay Kumar is over exposed and he comes out 4-5 times in a year with a film. There are two films which can cross 200 crores and may be 250 crores easily for him are Kanchanca Remake and Sooryavanshi. Housefull 4 will take a miracle to cross 250 crores.

Q.9 Effect of World Cup on X-Men & Bharat? ( Asked by Saumyata )

A.9 8% On Bharat and 15% on X-men.

Q.10 AskBlogDrive Is Bharat Hit or average in terms of BO ? When can we expect Dabangg 3 teaser/trailer ? (Asked by Mahinsrk )

A.10 Bharat will definitely be a minimum clean hit at the box office. You can read the detailed article here.

Dabangg 3 Trailer will most probably come out with Housefull 4 and Saand Ki Aankh on Diwali.

Q.11 What do you think about the running away of Sooryavanshi from Eid? Raees did the same mistake & costed them badly. ( Asked By Lucky )

A.11 It’s a Wise Decision to avoid clash always and Sooryavanshi has found a good release date. Movie business is not anymore about big dates people will go out to watch what they like. In case of Raees it avoided clash and moved onto another clash with Kaabil.

Kaabil in turned found more universal word of mouth affecting both the films very badly, otherwise Raees had every chance to cross 200 crores and Kaabil 175 crores if they had not clashed with each other.

Q.12 To your previously answered question: Zero’s trailer was well received & got appreciation. People were eager to see SRK in a dwarf role. Inspite of that, why it didn’t open well? ( Asked By Sohom )

A.12 In case of Zero if we leave out the genre problem ( People not willing to come out for a ROMCOM unless it’s exceptional. ) The below are the main reasons why Zero Did not open well.

  1. Shahrukh Khan right now does not have trust of neutral audience and that will come by good reviews and a Blockbuster.
  2. Zero was not a master piece but the reviews it got were undeserving. Clearly putting of the neutral audience on Day 1 in Evening shows.
  3. We are living in a Post Baahubali and Avengers world now when it comes to cinemas where themed action is the real box office king. A Superstar can only amplify a Genre. For example a Total Dhamaal starring Ajay Devgan opens to blockbuster numbers but when the same star comes in a ROMCOM like De De Pyaar De collections of Day 1 struggle to touch double digits. It’s all in the genre.

Q. 13 Sooryavanshi has avoided clash with Inshallah. But it will have to withstand Bond 25 releasing on 5 April 2020 and 83 releasing on 10 April 2020. Overall do you think it’s still better than clash with Inshallah on Eid? ( Asked By Bharath )

A. 13 Yes it’s better to avoid clash with A Salman Khan starrer as even if the film finds good word of mouth you will loose the major chunk of initial days. Right now film is not in any major direct clash and Bond Series right now is not a big draw in India it will limit itself to limited multiplexes.

83 on the other hand is a sports drama and though it will have good release size but it will be enough for Sooryavanshi to find good amount of screens if WOM is good.