Bharat Wednesday (8th Day) Collection Update for Morning and Early After noon shows.


Bharat Wednesday (8th Day) Collection Update : Bharat faced a considerable drop on Monday (50%+) and Tuesday (9-10%), but Wednesday Film has started with almost no drop over Tuesday.

Bharat dropped considerably by more than 50% (Compared to 1st Friday) on it’s 1st Monday and today the drop is even bigger. 

Bharat Wednesday (8th Day) Occupancy:

Time SlotEarly MorningMorningEarly After NoonAfternoon ShowsEarly Evening ShowsEvening ShowsNight ShowsLate Night ShowsCollections
16th Day (2nd Thursday)6%8%11%11%15%17%18%17%1.75
15th Day (2nd Wednesday)7%9%12%13%17%19%21%19%2.05
14th Day (2nd Tuesday)8%10%12%15%18%20%24%19%2.3
13th Day (2nd Monday)8%12%14%15%18%22%25%20%2.6
12th Day (2nd Sunday)25%31%38%45%28%18%20%20%6.1
11th Day (2nd Saturday)16%21%28%32%36%40%43%45%6.25
10th Day (2nd Friday)13%16%22%20%22%25%28%30%4.25
9th Day (2nd Thursday)11%12%18%29%31%33%40%45%5.5
8th Day (2nd Wednesday)11%13%20%31%33%34%42%37%6.6
7th Day (Tuesday)12%14%21%32%37%38%47%41%8.3
6th Day (Monday)15%21%30%38%43%45%55%48%9.2
5th Day (Sunday)35%38%63%66%60%55%55%50%27.9
4th Day (Saturday)21%25%45%50%60%65%75%82%26.7
3rd Day (Friday)15%20%34%40%45%51%65%60%22.2
2nd Day (Thursday)18%27%38%39%48%60%74%78%31
1st Day (Wednesday)63%65%80%83%88%80%82%84%42.3

Thankfully Wednesday the film has stabilized and if it can gain any momentum in the coming weekend then it can cross 250 crores easily at the box office. Right now a 300 crore + total is looking difficult, second weekend trends will give more clear picture about this.

After 2 days of Dropping it seems like Bharat is  
stabilizing Till now Bharat has collected 166.84 Crores and it will at least cross 210 crores by the end of second weekend.

If you read this analysis “Bharat Hit Or Flop” then you can see from the classification table that the film will be a clean hit at 210 crores.

You can check out detailed report on total collection of Bharat Till Now Here.

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