Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users


We always try to innovate and do something which has not been done before by marrying technology with entertainment. Today with Bharat Movie Rating by 50,000 Online Users we start a new section and we will continue it if it is liked by the Patrons.

Some Notes:

  1. No User Privacy or Profile info has been invaded for this.
  2. This Analysis is done using our Proprietary tools which we use for our analyzing brands of our clients.
  3. A set of junk users, or too Many users on the Same IP, or any suspicious users who might be working for or against the film have been omitted by our technology to keep the data in it’s most pure form.

Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users:

  1. Gender Segregation of the User Base:
Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users
Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users: Gender Segregation

Note: This represents that 78% people who are talking online about Bharat are male and 22% are female.

2. Channels Used By Users to Share or Know the Rating of Bharat:

Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users Channels
Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users Channels

Conclusive Note: This represents all the Major Channels which are being used by Audience to Talk About the Movie Bharat or to to check the reviews.

YouTube is ranked no 1 by Huge Margin showing that people trust and like videos more than anything else when it comes to check reviews of a particular movie followed By Twitter and Facebook at a distant third.

3. Bharat Movie Sentiment Score:

Conclusive Note: This Represents the Word of Mouth of the movie. 81% are positive means they have liked the movie ( Since Spam users are removed this Data cannot be fudged) while 14% users are negative about the movie and they have not liked the Content. A 5% users are not sure about the movie and they are interacting to know about they movie which means they have not seen the movie and deciding to see it soon.

We ran a similar report internally before Bharat opened for audience and we found that the same user base had 94% neutral users ( means they had not seen the movie till now), a 4% people were positive ( which means they were excited to catch the movies as soon as possible, and pending 2% were talking negative about the movie which means the trailers had not attracted them.

But when we compare the same to post release period it clearly shows that content of the movie has been liked by the audience.

4. Bharat Online Health Index:

Conclusive Note: It clearly shows that content of Bharat has been liked by people with a huge tilt towards a comfort zone.

5. Time Period Of These Mentions:

Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users
Bharat Movie Rating By 50,000 Online Users

Conclusive Note: We were keeping a close eye on the same set of users without invading their profile or by visiting their profile about their interaction with Bharat Movie online.

And the Blue here represents the flow of positive sentiment which was neutral before. You can see from the above time sentiment chart that their sentiment turned positive during movie show timings which clearly indicates that people liked the movie.

Conclusion: Bharat has been Liked by the audience and it should do good business at the box office. You can check out Bharat 2nd Day trending here

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