Bharat Hit Or Flop: Budget, Distribution Rights, Economics & Trends.


Bharat Hit Or Flop : Bharat had a successful run at the box office till now with Monday and Tuesday Collections dropping considerable.

In this article we will answer the most important questions about Bharat like Movie Budget, Distribution rights, Economics and Trends.

Bharat Movie Budget, Distribution Rights and Economics:

Amount in INR Crores
Budget 125
India Distribution Right 105
Overseas Rights 30
Music Rights 20
Satellite and Digital 108
Ancillary Rights + Endorsements 10
Total Recovery Before Release 273
Profit For Producers Before Release 148


Bharat Hit Or Flop:

The below chart will give you an idea on how much Bharat needs to collect for classification.

Collections Amount in INR Crores
< 190 Crores Flop
190-210 Crores Average
210-230 Crores Clean Hit
230-250 Crores Super Hit
250-280 Crores Blockbuster
> 280 Crores All Time Block Buster


Bharat Collection Till Now:

Date Collection
1st Day (Wednesday), 5th June, 2019 42.34
2nd Day (Thursday), 6th June, 2019 31
3rd Day (Friday), 7th June, 2019 22.2
4th Day (Saturday), 8th June, 2019 26.7
5th Day (Sunday), 9th June, 2019 27.1
6th Day (Monday), 10th June, 2019 9.2
7th Day (Tuesday), 11th June, 2019 8.3
Total 166.84

Detailed report of Bharat collections till now here.

Conclusion: Bharat has already collected Rs. 166.52 Crores at the Indian Box office and it will easily collect Rs. 210 crores by the end of it’s second weekend to classify as a clean hit.

But is that enough, because Bharat is a Salman Khan Film and he is right now the ruling Super star of Bollywood with Aamir Khan. Giving hits or Superhits somehow does not justify their stardom and hence for Stardom and rankings of Salman Khan it’s important for Bharat to Cross 300 Crores which looks tough right now looking at the Trends.

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  • Zaf

    It has already collected 270 crores worldwide. Is it a Alltime Block Buster