Bharat First Day (Wednesday) Box Office Collection Report Massive – Biggest Opener of Salman Khan


Bharat First Day (Wednesday) Box Office Collection Report: Ladies and gentleman, something extraordinary happened yesterday.

Bharat has taken a massive start at the Box Office on it’s opening day and it has already beaten opening day records of all other Salman Khan movies.

Bharat has collected a Massive INR 42.34 crores at the box office. and it is exactly as per our pre release prediction.

On an average Bharat enjoyed 78% occupancy all across the day. There will be a slight drop today. Today is a very crucial day for Bharat as yesterday the opening was due to Salman Khan and today the final word of mouth of public will be out.

If the film manages the day with less than 40% drop it will be fantastic while anything till 50% is accepted however if drop is more than 50-55% then there is a serious cause of concern as it will be a clear sign that film does not have the needed word of mouth.

The film performed on a Pan India Level but Delhi and UP were the real show stopper. The First World Cup Match of Indian Team against South Africa has hit the film by at least 4 crores.


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