Bharat Collection Till Date: Continues to Dip, but leads the box office!!


Bharat Collection Till Date: After showing signs of drop Bharat Stabilized on it’s 8th Day (2nd Wednesday), furthermore it opened to almost similar occupancy.

Bharat 8th Day (2nd Wednesday) Occupancy:

Time Slot 8th Day (Wednesday) 7th Day (Tuesday) 6th Day (Monday) 5th Day (Sunday)
Early Morning 11% 12% 15% 35%
Morning 13% 14% 21% 38%
Early After Noon 20% 21% 30% 63%
Afternoon Shows 31% 32% 38% 66%
Early Evening Shows 33% 37% 43% 60%
Evening Shows 34% 38% 45% 55%
Night Shows 42% 47% 55% 55%
Late Night Shows 37% 41% 48% 50%

Bharat Collection Till Date:

Date Collection Drop / Increase
1st Day (Wednesday), 5th June, 2019 42.34  N.A.
2nd Day (Thursday), 6th June, 2019 31 -26.78%
3rd Day (Friday), 7th June, 2019 22.2 -28.39%
4th Day (Saturday), 8th June, 2019 26.7 20.27%
5th Day (Sunday), 9th June, 2019 27.1 1.50%
6th Day (Monday), 10th June, 2019 9.2 -66.05%
7th Day (Tuesday), 11th June, 2019 8.3 -9.78%
8th Day (Wednesday), 12th June, 2019 6.98 -15.90%
Total 173.82

Moreover Bharat Needs to earn 210 crores at the Indian Box Office to be classified as a clean hit and it will get to that figure by end of the weekend. The very remote possibility to stop that from happening is both Game Over and Men In Black International Find excellent word of mouth and take away screens from Bharat.

But, that’s an assumption and 99% far away from reality. Till now Bharat is looking like a safe Box Office bet while producers have already made huge profit and the distributors and exhibitors should easily sail through even in the worst case scenario.

Besides You can read “Bharat Hit Or Flop” to understand to understand the economics behind the movie. Therefore, there is no red alarm for the people associated with the movie. But Salman Khan personally needs the movie to cross 250 crores at the box office to maintain his box office position.

Consequently The game of box office dominance is between Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Hence, it is important for movie to cross 250 crores at the box office while a 300 crore is looking a distant possibility right now and Bharat will need to show nothing less than excellent trending from here to achieve that.

Thus, for example if another star delivered a 250 crore nett gross then it would be classified at a Superhit or a Blockbuster. But When it comes to a Salman Khan movie the stakes are high.

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