Bharat Advance Booking Report: Day End 2nd June, 2019


Bharat Advance Booking Report: There are speculations everywhere about the opening day collections of Bharat with various analysts making their assumptions.

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These are early days of advance booking for Bharat and a lot depends on Eid otherwise Bharat releases on Wednesday which is middle of the the week and second half of the day is marked by 1st world cup match of India. You can read the detailed report here.

Bharat does not fall into an out and out action masala zone which is the primary reason for the slow advances and these types of movies gather momentum as the release comes near. So Advance will be in full flow by Tuesday.

Bharat Advance Booking Report: Day End 2nd June, 2019

Note: These figures are complied by Bolivud Analysts and it is the largest sample available across North, South, West, Centre, Urban and Semi Urban regions. In semi urban regions advances are secondary as most of the ticket sales happen via spot booking or a day before the release of the movie.
  • Delhi NCR: Bharat has taken a fantastic start in Delhi NCR with advances more than 25% already.
  • Mumbai: Bharat right now is in Loading mode in Mumbai and advances will pick up in next 48 hours. That has been a normal trend for a Salman Khan Starrer in this region, right now it is at 7%+.
  • Pune again is at 5% which is a bit on the lower side with the city dynamics with advances.
  • Bengaluru is showing some fantastic trends for a Salman Khan starrer and is already at 12%+.
  • Hyderabad is in Beast Mode as it has already crossed 63%.
  • Kolkatta is better when you compare other films in this genre and will pick up in next 24 hours, right now at 12%.
  • Patna is showing some tremendous signs at the ticket window with already 65% tickets sold for day 1, simply fantastic.
  • Chennai is again doing very good with more than 30% tickets already sold out.
  • Other centers covered are showing good trends as these centers generally pick up 24 hours before release.
Note: Based on Advance Booking figures, Bharat will Open to about 26-30 Crores on Day 1 if Eid Does not fall on Wednesday, and about 38 crore+ if Eid falls on Wednesday. 

Bharat Advance Booking Report: Detailed Chart

Region Occupancy Shows Tracked  Type of Center
Delhi NCR 25%+ 700 Urban
Mumbai 7%+ 800 Urban
Pune 5%+ 250 Urban
Bengaluru 12%+ 250 Urban
Hyderabad 63%+ 200 Urban
Kolkata 12%+ 150 Urban
Ahmedabad 8%+ 250 Urban
Chennai 30%+ 40 Urban
Chandigarh 7%+ 80 Urban
Bhopal 9%+ 50 Urban
Indore 7%+ 50 Urban
Jaipur 8%+ 60 Urban
Ahmadnagar 8%+ 15 Semi Urban
Akola <1% 4 Semi Urban
Jhansi <0.5% 5 Semi Urban
Ranchi 9%+ 25 Semi Urban
Patna 65%+ 26 Urban
Surat <9% 80 Urban


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