Bharat 3rd Saturday (18th Day) Box Office Update for Morning and Early Afternoon shows.

Bharat has been affected badly by release of Kabir Singh and occupancy have improved by less than expected margins.


Bharat 3rd Saturday (18th Day) Box Office Update: Not only the shows have reduced drastically for Bharat but the film is not able to maintain good occupancy across India.

Release of Kabir Singh has made a dent in collection of all films and Bharat is no exception. Bharat from the current trends is heading for a 1.2 crores box office total today and a Lifetime of about 212 crores.

Bharat 3rd Saturday (18th Day) Occupancy:

Time SlotEarly MorningMorningEarly After NoonAfternoon ShowsEarly Evening ShowsEvening ShowsNight ShowsLate Night Shows
18th Day (3rd Saturday)8%11%18%
17th Day (3rd Friday)7%10%16%19%19%22%20%23%
16th Day (2nd Thursday)6%8%11%11%15%17%18%17%
15th Day (2nd Wednesday)7%9%12%13%17%19%21%19%
14th Day (2nd Tuesday)8%10%12%15%18%20%24%19%
13th Day (2nd Monday)8%12%14%15%18%22%25%20%
12th Day (2nd Sunday)25%31%38%45%28%18%20%20%
11th Day (2nd Saturday)16%21%28%32%36%40%43%45%
10th Day (2nd Friday)13%16%22%20%22%25%28%30%
9th Day (2nd Thursday)11%12%18%29%31%33%40%45%
8th Day (2nd Wednesday)11%13%20%31%33%34%42%37%
7th Day (Tuesday)12%14%21%32%37%38%47%41%
6th Day (Monday)15%21%30%38%43%45%55%48%
5th Day (Sunday)35%38%63%66%60%55%55%50%
4th Day (Saturday)21%25%45%50%60%65%75%82%
3rd Day (Friday)15%20%34%40%45%51%65%60%
2nd Day (Thursday)18%27%38%39%48%60%74%78%
1st Day (Wednesday)63%65%80%83%88%80%82%84%


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