Betaal Review: This Netflix Offering By Shahrukh Khan has Horror, Emotions, Depth and Chilling Moments.

Betaal is Out on Netflix and it's a a perfect watch this Lockdown Weekend.

Must Watch

Betaal Review

It has got everything you seek this Lockdown Season.
- Thrills
- Suspense
- Horror
- Adventure
- Emotion
- Depth and more

  • Direction
  • Background Score
  • Plot
  • Screen Play
  • Perfomances
  • Cinematography

Betaal Review: This Netflix Series is produced by Shahrukh Khan and has sequel written all over it, it comes with fine production values and loaded with Thrills, Chills, Horror, Emotions and a lot of depth to the characters.

Betaal Cast:

  • Vineet Kumar Singh As Second in Command Vikram Sirohi Of Baaz Squad.
  • Aahna Kumara as DC Ahluwalia Memebr of Baaz Squad.
  • Suchitra Pillai as Commander Tyagi of Baaz Squad.
  • Jatin Goswami as Asad Akbar.
  • Siddharth Menon as Nadir Haq.
  • Manjri Pupala as Puniya (A Tribal Lady who protects the Betaal Mountain.)
  • Jitendra Joshi as Ajay Madhulavan
  • Meenal Kapoor as Shakuntala Madhulavan
  • Ankur Vilal as Bhunnu Uncle.
  • Syna Anand: the girl child Saanvi.

Betaal Review: Plot Analysis

A Novel Concept for Indian Audience and the treatment gives it the novelty to the worldwide audience as well. A Small Village just outside Betaal Mountain is resided by those who protect the curse of Betaal Mountain and they are trying their best to save the world.

One fine day a road contractor gets a contract to make a road through that area which goes through the Betaal Mountain and since the Villagers protest and does not let them make their way to the tunnel, The Baaz Squad is called in. The Protector Villagers due to protecting the land from unleashing the curse of the Betaal mountain. But will they be able to contain it and save themselves forms the rest of the story?

Full marks to the writers Patrick Graham and Suhani Kanwar for the novel plot.

Betaal Review: Screenplay

The Web series has only 4 episodes which would leave you wanting more. The Screenplay is fast, crisp and keeps on edge of the seat all the time which itself is a big achievement for any Web Series.

Last Few Days we Saw Paatal Lok ruling the OTT charts and now it is time for Netflix to join the part after prime videos with Betaal.

Betaal Review: Cinematorgraphy and Art

Whenever it’s a Netflix series, I personally think they order everything in shades of Red and Black and these set arts are becoming more and more evident. There’s a particular style of cinematography which is followed by Netflix and this is like a guideline for all production houses whether Indian or foreign whenever it comes to Netflix Originals. And frankly Betaal is No Different.

With the plot in hand, the Cinematography team could have explored new territories but most of the combat being inside even that flexibility is gone. In Short they could not be innovative but they do full justice to the plot and the screenplay and help in keeping it crisp.

Betaal Review: Direction

Patrick Graham needs no introduction and he is quite a name with the Netflix audience. He has previously worked on Projects like Leila, Ghoul, Phir Se, Hood, Slaughter House and many more projects with Betaal being the biggest of them all till now.

He does a fine job in not going overboard at any moment, the vision was very clear that he did not want to make an out and out horror film. It was a Mix of Horror, Suspense, Thrill which is packed with Decent action and he does complete justice to the money allotted to the projects.

Betaal Review: Perfomances

Frankly These types of projects do not give a platform to actors to shine through it take a Hathiram type Role in Paatal Lok to shine in this field.

But, We have experienced actors here managing the key roles Whether it is Vineet Kumar Singh playing the Main Protagonist Vikram Sirohi or Aahana Kumara as DC Ahluwalia or Suchitra Pillar as Commander Tyagi they all fit in like perfect pieces to the puzzle and does complete justice to the roles given to them.

Vineet Kumar Singh’s Character which is Vikram Sirohi has got more depth than any other character and He rises up to the occasion to bring out emotions in the plot. He will surely create many new fans after this role.

Betaal Review: Final Word

Just go for it, it’s full entertainment package loaded with Thrills, Horror, Suspense, Good Production values and nothing to complain.

Now the main question which everyone asks after every web series. Does it End Here?

The Answer in the case of Betaal is Both yes and No. The current Plot ends here and what happens, in the end, takes it to the next level and you will have to watch it to know the rest of the plot.


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