Bell Bottom Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Delivers Once In A Lifetime Performance In This Extraordinary Spy-Thriller Film.

Bell Bottom will hit the big screen on 19th August 2021. Here is the review of the film.


Bell Bottom Movie Review: Due to the COVID-19 the entertainment industry has suffered a lot. Many big films which were scheduled to release last year have been delayed. The shooting of the film has been halted due to the lockdown.

However, the industry got a new hope this year when films like Roohi & Mumbai Saga hit the big screens when theatres opened at 50% capacity in the month of February & March. But due to the second wave, the theatres closed down again due to the lockdown in all the states.

Akshay Kumar who has been the busiest actor during the pandemic completed the shoot of Bell Bottom last year. The film was completely shot abroad & was the first film to be completed during the pandemic. When the trailer of the film was released everyone got a clear picture that the film will release in theatres on 19th August 2021.

So how is the film? Will it show the way to the industry post-pandemic? Let’s find out.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Story

As you already know we don’t provide any spoilers. The story of the film is based on a true event that occurred in the year 1984. An ICC 691 flight that took off from Delhi on August 24 1984 was hijacked in between. This was the 5th hijacking case in the last 7 years.

In the past, the hijacked plane was moved to Lahore, Pakistan where Government authorities negotiated for the safe release of passengers. The current hijacked plane also moved to Pakistan & the Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi (played by Lara Dutta Bhupati) after the high-level meeting with the authorities was ready to negotiate with the hijackers for the safe release of the passengers.

Then Anshul Malhotra (Bell Bottom played by Akshay Kumar) who is a RAW agent makes an entry. He asks the PM not to negotiate with the hijackers as he has done complete research on past hijack operations. He feels confident that Pakistan’s ISI is behind all the hijacks.

At first, the Prime Minister & her team don’t believe Anshul but he unfolds all the facts and proves the truth to them. Indira Gandhi then receives a call from Pakistani president Ziaul Haq asking can he for the negotiations with the hijackers of the plane?

As advised by Anshul the Prime minister says to the Pakistani President not to negotiate which shocked him. ISI then sent his best man Daljeet Singh (Doddy played by Zain Khan Durrani) to take over the hijack operation. Anshul aka Bell Bottom is ready to face his past enemy Doddy. What happens next forms the story for the rest of the film.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Screenplay

Aseem Arora and Parveez Shaikh have done detailed research about the story of the film. It is an important part of Indian history that is not known to many of us. The screenplay is very effective and will keep you gripped. After a good first half, Bell Bottom completely takes off in the second half. The dialogues are all well written and delivered.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Direction

Ranjit Tiwari has done an exceptional job as the director of the film. He looks in complete control and kept the story simple & gripping that will keep you on the edge of your seats. In the first half, the story is developing and he keeps his best for the second half.

Bell Bottom is a 3D film but it doesn’t have the typical 3D effects like the Hollywood Films. The film picks up very well in the second half with the twists & turns. Overall, Ranjit Tiwary has done a great job with his direction & keeping in mind that it is a commercial PAN India film. VFX used in the film is good & makes a good cinematic experience for all.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Music

The music of the film is decent but doesn’t fit well with the story. Sakhiyaan 2.0 has created some buzz among the audience but the song is missing from the film. “Dhoom Tara” is played in the background for various scenes in the film.

Daniel George who has helmed the background score has done a good job & adds a vintage feel to the film. Khair Maang Da has been shot in beautiful locations which add well to the cinematic experience.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Performances

Akshay Kumar has delivered a complete once-in-a-lifetime performance in the film. His look in the film has been dashing. He has been in top form and complete control over his character in the film. Lara Dutta who looks unrecognizable in the role of Indira Gandhi has done a great job. She completely fits into the character of and delivers her best performance.

Vani Kapoor has very little time on screen but has done well in her scenes. Huma Qureshi’s character was decent but wasn’t able to create an impact. Zain Khan Durrani has played the role of the villain very well. Overall all the actors in the film have done a good job.

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Final Verdict

Overall Bell Bottom is a complete entertainer that is crafted for the big screens. The film has been released on 2154 screens & is the biggest release from India since the pandemic on the big screens. Bell Bottom will surely show the way to big films scheduled to release in the year 2021 post-pandemic.


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