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Batla House Official Trailer: Reaction from 85,000 Online Users.

Batla House Official Trailer Dropped on 10th July, 2019. Let's see what is the response.


Batla House Official Trailer Just Dropped By and we can’t hold our horses right now but talk about this trailer as the whole scheme of things has been amplified due to a big clash between Saaho , Mission Mangal and Batla House.

First Let’s Have a look at the Trailer (In case you managed to Miss it) and then we will go to the most important section of what people are feeling about the trailer or their first reactions via the widest sample you can ever see.

What You already Know About Batla House?

It stars John Abraham , Mrunal Thakur and Nora Fatehi and film is directed by Nikkil Advani and schedule to release on 15th August in a Mega Clash with Saaho and Mission Mangal.

What You Don’t Know About Batla House?

The film has a special song releasing on 15th July which is a recreation and producers of the film are excited like never before about this. Well if this is true then it will surely give an advantage to the film specially at the Single Screen Theaters.

What We Feel About the Batla House Official Trailer?

For this particular report it does not matter, but just to set the record straight we liked it and we will write a seprate review of that after spending some more time on it. However this report is about what you the audience feels about the Batla House official Trailer.

What the audience feels about the Batla House Trailer ?

The objective of this report is to give you a feel of how a trailer is important to the whole marketing of a particular film, what the audience is feeling about the trailer and how does in change the competition landscape. This is as scientific as it can get.

Sample Size:

  • Online User – 85,000
  • Platforms – Across Web each and every platform
The Audience Sentiment:

Part 1 – Batla House Official Trailer Sentiment Analysis

Batla House Offical Trailer Sentiment AnalysisBatla House Official Trailer Sentiment Analysis.

We are talking about 85,000 user and the green which is (76.8%) indicates that these people have given a thumbs up to the trailer which means 65280 people out of 85000 people have liked the trailer.

And 23.20% people have not liked the trailer which is 19720 out of 85,000.

This tells us about the word of mouth of the trailer and we will update it after a week.


The above Report also matches with our Twitter Survey.


Part 3 – How the Trailer add to the Overall Buzz?

Batla House Official Trailer Buzz Analysis
Batla House Official Trailer Buzz Analysis

You can clearly see from the above chart that before 4th July Buzz for Batla House was Negligible, however towards the teaser the trends started moving up and after the trailer launch the green line is hitting the roof and when we write this report next week, you will see that all these big lines will turn small as the buzz will increase multiple times.

So the Reach of the film has increased and 76% people are liking the trailer which means these are all very Good signs for the the film.

Part 1 – How it affects the competition Landscape Between Batla House, Saaho and Mission Mangal ?

Batla House Official Trailer and Competition
Batla House Official Trailer and Competition

Before we analyse the above chart: The Green Colour Indicates Saaho, The Orange Indicates Mission Mangal and the Blue Indicates Batla House.

We can see from the above chart that Saaho has been ruling the buzz for very long as the trailer got released very early and then The Mission Mangal Teaser Which came in earlier this week gave it an edge over Saaho in 48 hours and now the Batla House Line has started picking up which has already taken over Saaho for Now.

While the teaser effect of Mission Mangal was high but in the last moment of generating this report you can see that while both the lines are falling but the green line is about the orange, so till the trailer of Mission Mangal comes out it will be Batla House which will be leading the the Online Buzz.

We will do a similar analysis for all the films hence forward.

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