Batla House Movie Review: A Relevant Story Decorated With Strong Performances

Batla House releases in a Mega Clash with Mission Mangal on Independence Day. In this special review we will be talking about various aspects of the film.

Definitely Worth a Watch.

Batla House Movie Review

Watch it for Edge of the Seat Thrills, Strong Performances and a relevant story that you need to know.

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  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Performances
  • Music
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Batla House Movie Review: It’s indeed a tough review to write, on one hand you have a relevant story decorated with strong performances and inspired production values and on the other hand there’s an equally tough competition in form of Mission Mangal.

It’s a Hit formula to make a film on a real life incident and get an edge over the competition at the box office. But in case of Batla House and Mission Mangal both fall into the same category.

The recipe might be to pick up a real life subject which people are curious about and the secret ingredient to a well made film is edge of the seat thrills and a tight screenplay.

Will Batla House Thrill You and bring Joy to the exhibitors and distributors (Producers are already in Profit Zone) this Independence Day or will it disappoint. Let’s Analyse and Come to a Conclusion.

Batla House Plot:

It’s 2008 and Indian Mujaheddin is still active, they have taken India by storm by a series of Blasts across the country. The latest target being Delhi.

Enters ACP Sanjay Kumar (John Abraham) who is upright but is playing a game on a sticky wicket. On one side there is the most important case of his career and on one hand his relationship with his wife Nandita (Mrunal Thakur) is in trouble.

Then comes a Tip that terrorists responsible for the blast are pinned in a Flat L-18, Batla House. Without revealing too much of the story there’s already a mess created by Ravi Kishan (Officer K K – Junior to ACP Sanjay Kumar) at the site.

This incident takes an ugly turn as residents get furious and political mafia gets to work. Will Sanjay and His team come out clean? or will they be not able to prove what transpired that day? forms the core plot of the film.

Batla House Story and Screenplay:

Ritesh Shah here does a phenomenal job with the story as it is well researched and it becomes an extremely relevant film today. As we simply go on blaming the cops for what has happened without even understanding their actual situation. The Film offers novelty as well as thrills.

Now here’s the problem in first half the movie carries a Documentary Drama feel which will be loved by the So called intellectuals and most of the reviewers but it’s a close call to say whether the audience will buy this or not. The Screenplay is strong and that provides a strong factor to the film at the box office but you can see holes in the first half of the movie.

The good part about the screenplay is that since the movie starts with a real life incident and starts off brilliantly. The loop holes are too fine to be noticed and they do not hamper the screenplay. But if we remove these loop holes then we were looking at a potential circuit record breaker.

You have to give credit to Ritesh Shah as some scenes in the movie are nothing short of brilliant and dialogues are best in the business. The Climax is at a very high point and the one liners written by Ritesh Shah for the occasion are brilliant and bound to work with classes as well as masses.

Batla House Cinematography:

Each day could have been challenging for the DOP team. But yet Soumik Mukherjee excels and leaves a print. The inside the flat scenes and the chase scenes are finely programmed and captured. The credit also goes to Priya Suhas as she lives upto the challenge or recreating 2008 in a subtle manner.

Batla House Music:

The songs are very situation and do not hamper the screenplay at all apart from having good melodies on record the album also has a chart buster in Form of O Saki Saki which has already taken internet by storm and is bound to pull the mass centers.

The Background Score is fine and perfectly suits the different moods of the film.

Batla House Direction:

Nikkhil Advani does a brilliant Job in second half specially. There were some scenes where you could go overboard and create a major controversy but even those situations are handled subtly. Having said that the first half could be a lot better and could really push the tempo of the film to a different level.

The courtroom sequences are the key highlights of the movie and these will work on a PAN India level. The film has minuses but only if you observe minutely. Like the scenes where cameras are pulled off in middle of an interrogation and viewers are left wondering what happened. Not everyone in the crowd will be able to guess and the % of people who can guess these types of situations can be less than 5% and worst part if even in those 5% conclusion there can be at least 4 different conclusions which could be arrived at.

Batla House Performances:

In one of the Iron Man Movies There was a Dialogue by Justin Hammer “Well, today, my friends, the press is faced with quite a difficult problem. They are about to run out of ink! ” 

This quote cannot be applied to this modern reporting times as practically for most the media consumption no ink is used. But “Well, Today, My friends, the critics are faced with quite a difficult problem, they are about to run out of words and thoughts”.

John Abraham is the torch bearer of this movie as he lifts even the most mediocre scenes to watchable levels and takes the strongly scripted scenes to a different level all together. He simply vows you with his acting and screen presence. He lives Sanjay Kumar like he was actually that tough cop. There are these memorable scenes where bids farewell to his Wife Nandita in a car, when his police bosses tell him to not refuse the medal of honor or a long discussion with Nora Fatehi. The list goes on and it’s a long one.

He leaves you with many memorable scenes which stay with you even after the movie is over.

And our Super girl From Super 30 Mrunal Thakur she takes giant leaps as an actress and she is here for a long run. She can portray emotions like any of top competitors.

Both John Abraham And Mrunal Thakur will multiply the Fan base after this film.

Ravi Kissan is in fine form and he again excels in his role. Other cast members including Nora Fatehi fits in well and are used wisely.

Batla House Movie Review: The Last Word

The film comes power packed with a relevant plot, almost perfect screenplay, seeti maar or taali maar moments, fine direction but above all it is the performances which really stand out and takes the film from ordinary bracket to a different league.

The content is bound to work in All A+, A and all National Chains and will draw audience in large numbers. Some portions of the first half is a roadblock for the interiors but not a big one. There are all the chances that film will overcome these obstacles.

If you ask me a simple Question “What’s your list for the finest Movies of 2019 ?”  Then Batla House will be definitely on that list. Nevertheless the film faces tough competition at the box office in all circuits from Mission Mangal and whether can film live upto this challenge or not, my answer is mostly yes. Unless Mission Mangal proves to be a Box Office Hurricane with a 4.5+ universal rating.

But times and history have proved it more than once that two big films can come out on a single day and can go to become a box office success as it happened last 15th August with the same stars in Gold and Staye Meva Jayate.

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