Batla House Hit Or Flop: Budget, Economics, Screen Count and Prediction.

Batla House is releasing on 15th January in a Big Clash with Mission Mangal and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.


Batla House Hit Or Flop: Batla House again carries a very economical model and it is sold on a Minimum Guarantee basis for India Box Office and will be distributed by Kumar Mangat Lead Panorama Studios.

Batla House releases in a Mega Clash with Mission Mangal and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood on 15th August, 2019 and film is being called the Dark Horse of this Race.

The film is sold on a Minimum Guarantee basis to Panorama Studio, a Minimum Guarantee model means the distributor has to pay this amount to the producers irrespective of the collections. The onus for Box Office Performance of a film completely rests with the Distributors in this case.

In our last report about the buzz of Batla House there were 83% people who had liked the trailer of the film while a 91% people liked the trailer of the film Mission Mangal during the same period of the release of the the respective trailers.

Interestingly these two actors also clashed on last Independence Day with Gold and Satyameva Jayate. The Opening weekend collections during that time looked like this. (Figures in INR Crores).

Day Gold Satyameva Jayate
Day 1 25.25 20.52
Day 2 8.1 7.92
Day 3 10.1 9.18
Day 4 12.3 9.03
Day 5 15.55 10.26
Total 71.3 56.91

Last Independence fell on a Wednesday and both the movie were successful ventures. After that point of time Akshay Kumar kept on giving hits after hits and John Abraham consolidated his fan base at multiplexes. 

The lead cast of Batla House includes John Abraham and Mrunal Thakur. The actress also stars in Super 30 which is doing very good business at the box office right now. And The movie will keep on running till Batla House arrives.

Batla House: Budget, Economics, Screen Count

Sr No Head Amount (INR Crores)
1 Production Budget (-) 60
2 Marketing Budget (-) 15
3 Landing Cost (-) 75
4 Release Size 2350
4 India Distribution Right -M.G. (+) 30
5 Overseas Rights (+) 8
6 Music Rights (+) 12
7 Satellite Rights (+) 30
8 Digital Rights (+) 14
8 Ancillary Rights + Endorsements (+) 12
9 Total Recovery Before Release (+) 76
10 Profit For Producers Before Release 1


Batla House Hit Or Flop: Classification Matrix

Classification Matrix
Collections Amount in INR Crores
< 60 Crores Flop
60-70 Crores Average
70-85 Crores Clean Hit
85-120 Crores Super Hit
120+ Blockbuster


Batla House Prediction:

Excellent WOMPositive WOMAverage WOMNegative WOM
Day 1 (Thursday)INR 19.00INR 18.00INR 17.50INR 17.00
Day 2 (Friday)INR 14.00INR 11.00INR 9.00INR 8.00
Day 3 (Saturday)INR 21.00INR 15.40INR 10.80INR 8.80
Day 4 (Sunday)INR 25.20INR 17.71INR 11.88INR 9.24
First WeekendINR 79.20INR 62.11INR 49.18INR 43.04
Life TimeINR 158.40INR 124.22INR 86.07INR 73.17


We wish Team Batla House all the best for the release of the film.

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