Batla House Audience Interest Meter: 360 Degree Improvement

Batla House Releases on 15th August, 2019 and 48 hours before the release we are tracking the Hype and Buzz For the Movie.


In This Article we will be tracking the Batla House Audience Interest on all parameters and will try to determine opening weekend scenario for the film.

Batla House Audience Interest Meter:

This section will give you an overview of the reach of Batla House and the excitement level of the audience for the film.

Batla House Audience Reach:
6th August (In Crores)13th August ( In Crores)Growth (In Crores)Growth (in %)
Total Reach42.0956.2114.1233.55%
Unique Reach16.8118.822.0111.96%
User Participations0.350.630.2880.00%


Reading: It can be easily seen that in last few days before the release the interest of Audience has taken a spike despite any big promo material releasing. This is due to the clash. Whenever a clash happens the promotions by other movies automatically generate spike for competition.

The growth in about a week has been 33.55% (Reach), 11.96% (Unique Reach) and 80% (User participation).

This is a big growth and now the levels are looking like Mission Mangal. In order to understand various definitions used in this article you can refer the previous article on this Batla House.

Batla House Audience Interest:
Type Of Audience6th August13th AugustGrowth


Reading: Even the Audience Interest in Batla House is now above 90% after taking a big leap of over 10.7% in a week’s time. So all the bricks are falling in place for the movie and a big opening day is on cards.

Batla House Audience Interest Meter: Day Wise Tracking


Batla House Audience Interest Meter Day Wise Tracking
Batla House Audience Interest Meter Day Wise Tracking

Reading: If you check out the last report on Batla House on 6th August then these figures have improved vastly. While In Last Report the negative and positive sentiment were almost at same value on the daily basis but in this report the positive sentiments are very high represented by green line.

This clearly indicates that as more people have watched the trailers and read about the film’s content they are really excited to watch the movie.

Batla House Audience Interest Meter: Video Performance

Sr NoAsset NameRelease DateViewsLikesDislikesLike RatioDislike Ratio
1Trailer Coundown 15-Jul-19 1,616,448.00 36,000.00 1,600.00 2.23%0.10%
2Trailer Coundown 27-Jul-19 362,136.00 10,000.00 577.00 2.76%0.16%
3Official Trailer10-Jul-19 25,828,917.00 513,000.00 18,000.00 1.99%0.07%
4O Saki Saki: Teaser12-Jul-19 6,492,174.00 117,000.00 9,800.00 1.80%0.15%
5O Saki Saki Video14-Jul-19 130,828,034.00 1,500,000.00 96,000.00 1.15%0.07%
6Dialogue Promo 117-Jul-19 1,170,164.00 27,000.00 12,000.00 2.31%1.03%
7Dialogue Promo 218-Jul-19 354,896.00 10,200.00 636.00 2.87%0.18%
8Dialogue Promo 418-Jul-19 72,338.00 19,000.00 168.00 26.27%0.23%
9Dialogue Promo 319-Jul-19 194,017.00 5,277.00 395.00 2.72%0.20%
10Recreating Batla House - Teaser21-Jul-19 252,435.00 7,800.00 520.00 3.09%0.21%
11Rula Diya Teaser24-Jul-19 1,096,566.00 20,000.00 1,000.00 1.82%0.09%
12Rula Diya24-Jul-19 12,119,738.00 220,000.00 7,400.00 1.82%0.06%
13Making of O Saki Saki29-Jul-19 5,961,579.00 117,000.00 5,200.00 1.96%0.09%
14Rula Diya: Lyrical1-Aug-19 683,284.00 12,000.00 859.00 1.76%0.13%
15O Saki Saki: Lyrical6-Aug-19 7,550,492.00 98,000.00 5,700.00 1.30%0.08%
16Dialogue Promo 57-Aug-19 244,434.00 5,600.00 971.00 2.29%0.40%
17Dialogue Promo 68-Aug-19 229,031.00 5,900.00 459.00 2.58%0.20%
18Dialogue Promo 910-Aug-19 314,881.00 7,400.00 907.00 2.35%0.29%
19Dialogue Promo 811-Aug-19 19,196.00 739.00 86.00 3.85%0.45%
20Dialogue Promo 711-Aug-19 99,893.00 3,000.00 246.00 3.00%0.25%
21Jao Rakhe Saiyan Video12-Aug-19 206,750.00 5,300.00 1,900.00 2.56%0.92%
22Rula Diya: Making12-Aug-19 101,829.00 2,300.00 371.00 2.26%0.36%
Total 195,799,232.00 2,742,516.00 164,795.00 1.40%0.08%


Reading: Saki Saki is by far the biggest performer for the film and by the nature of the song it is meant to be a mass chart buster which clearly means that audience in Interiors is excited for Batla House.

But this is a double edged sword for the producers and makers if Audience in initial shows come for the movie and come out feel cheated than on ground feedback will be very negative. I hope the makers have enough to keep this target audience happy as well.

Batla House Audience Interest Meter: State Wise Tracking

State NameBatla HouseMission Mangal
Arunachal Pradesh57%43%
Jammu and kashmir55%45%
Uttar Pradesh46%54%
Himachal Pradesh43%57%
Dadar and Nagar Haveli43%57%
West Bengal41%59%
Madhya Pradesh39%61%
Tamil Nadu28%72%
Andhra Pradesh28%72%
Daman and Diu9%91%


Reading: These are probably the biggest problem areas for the film right now. In The Last Report Of Batla House the film was leading in all the states apart from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura And Pudhucherry.

But as per the latest analysis done for last 7 days the film is only leading in 4 states i.e. Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Manipur.

Infact There are 15 states where overall searches have fallen down below 40% which means the last trailer of Mission Mangal Has worked big time and though overall searches for both the films have increased by 320% in last 1 week. Which means that both the films are trending well and will take a very good opening.

All in all looking at the Trends we are predicting a 18.5 crores opening for Batla House.

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