Baazaar Movie Review


Baazaar is a financial thriller and first of its kind from Bollywood. The movie is based around Greed, hunger, dreams and deception. The cast comprises of Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Rohan Mehra and Chitragandha Singh in the Main Leads. So without much wait let’s move forward with Baazaar Movie Review.

Bazaar: Plot

Rizwan Ahmed ( Rohan Mehra ) is a boy from Allahabad and works in small share market trading house. Very ambitious and very confident he gets into an argument with his Father and motivated by his sister ( and PayTm ) he flies to Mumbai. He takes up a small accommodation in front of a Rustomjee Building with a set deadline of moving into a plush residence in Two Months.

His Idol Shakun Kothari is a shrewd businessman and tycoon. Who will cross any line for money and profits. He will not care about his friends and anyone near him. But at the same time he a caring father and tries to be a good Husband.

Rizwan Gets some support in form of Radhika Apte and the story begins. Rest of the story relies on character interactions , screenplay and dialogues. Whether Rizwan will be the victim of Shakun Kothari or will they form a great team? You need to watch the film without any spoilers.

Baazaar: Performances

Saif Ali Khan packs a punch and people will love him in this Anti Hero Role. He portrays Shakun Kothari So well that you start hating this man at one point in a film while also feeling connected to him. His entry scene could easily pass off as a Abbas Mastan scene where a hostile business takeover takes Place. And just Google ” michhami dukkadam ” before you start watching the movie.

Said Ali Khan carries the film on his Shoulder and gives one of his best performance in an author backed role. Saif Ali Khan will surely make a lot of new fans after this one.

But then as the screenplay progresses Rohan Mehra starts surprising you. You will actually wonder that it’s his very first movie and he comes out as a natural. Any lesser actor at this point would have spoiled the fun and it was tough to hold ground in front of an In-Form Saif Ali Khan.  But not only he matches Saif in every scene, but also keeps you glued to screen in his Own scenes.

He is gifted with a great voice and many will find it an exaggeration but you will be remembered of voice of a Young Amitabh.  He is here to stay and he is a lambi race ka ghoda.

Coming to the Ladies Radhika Apte is good as always and Chitragandha Singh is Okay, as she does not have much to do. But she plays Role of strong wife with elegance.

Baazaar: Direction and Screenplay

Gaurav Chawla does a wonderful job with the subject and delivers a Thriller with ample entertainment.

The Screenplay writers trio does a wonderful Job and not only they manage to deliver a captivating narrative but also delivers a power packed dialogues without going over the Top. Some of the Dialogues Like Tu emotions par chalta hai … main maths par, Haar aur jeet mein ek hi pharak hota hai … bhook, Mere do hi rule hai … rule no. 1, mera paisa kabhi khona nahi … aur rule no. 2, rule no. 1 kabhi bhoolna nahi,  Main maths pehle karta hun aur bolta baad mein hun , dhando no gando chokro really makes an impact and very well weaved into the story.

The credits for the fantastic screenplay goes to Nikkhil Advani, Perveez Sheikh and Aseem Arora.

Baazaar Movie Review

It’s a stock your money is safe in. Its a slick flick with ample of thrills and deception. Highly recommended. If you think you don’t know about stock market and hence you will not be able to understand this movie. Then you are wrong, although some jargons are there but they are completely in layman’s language.


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