Avengers Endgame Advance Booking Report and Box Office tracking


The saga which started in 2008 with Iron Man is about to end and fans are in a frenzy. They know they will loose some Avengers as Phase 1 ends and paves way for new superheroes. The excitement and attachment is quite evident from the response it has garnered at the Worldwide Box office. In Avengers Endgame Advance Booking Report and Box Office tracking  we will look at details on a country specific level.

Avengers Endgame India Box Office:

Initially Avengers Endgame was suppose to release on 2100 screens, however after the advance booking opened on Sunday. All the shows across major cities were almost sold out and Endgame created a never before seen record in India.

However the Challenge of Endgame was in 2k format and even after the increased demand the current shows are 2650 this is only because of the format. As Endgame will not release in single screens and non 2k format, however if the exhibitors still get a chance they will surely join in the box office extravaganza.

The theaters which are running Endgame have allotted most of the screens to the movie, running it 24 hours and still the shows are almost sold out even before the release of the film.

Avengers Endgame: Records already Made at Indian Box Office.

  1.  The ticket Prices are highest for any movie surpassing even Thugs of Hindostan and Baahubali 2. it starts from Rs.190 and ends at Rs. 3000.
  2.  This is the best advance booking beating the previous best of films like:
Movie Name Advance in INR ( Crores )
Baahubali 2 ( Hindi ) 37.5
Avengers IW 28.1
TOH 27.1
TZH 24.7
Sultan 21.5
Sanju 20.3
Race 3 19.16
Dangal 18.8
PRDP 15.7
Dhoom 3 15.1
HNY 13.6
Gold 13
Kick 12.89
Bajrangi Bhaijaan 12.6
Tubelight 12.4


3. Film has already created record by selling more than Rs. 47 crores worth of tickets in advance and the shows are still being added and booking is still going very strong.

4. The previous record holder Baahubali 2 sold an average of 12 tickets / second while Avengers Endgame has maintained a rate of 18 Tickets / Second.

5. Never before a Film has run on a 24 X 7 basis on such a large scale in India.

6. Avengers Endgame sold more than 1 million tickets only VIA bookmyshow on Day 1.

7. Right now the film has more than 1.6 million tickets sold.

Avengers Endgame China Box Office:

  1. Avengers Endgame has created Box office Record for the highest Day 1 collection by any movie with collections of $ 107.54 Mn which is Rs. 755.41 Cr.
  2. it also has record number of tickets sold and highest ticket rates for any movie in the market with over 1 million tickets sold on day 1 with an average ticket rate of $8.
  3. The film has also witnessed the highest per screen average in China with $1409.75
  4. Avengers Endgame has also created a record for best advance recorded in the country with $ 110 Mn beating the previous best of Monster hunt 2 at $59.6 Mn
  5. The Fate of the Furious is the highest earning Hollywood film in China with lifetime collections of $393 million which endgame will easily overtake by Saturday Night or Sunday.

Avengers Endgame USA Box Office:

  1. Endgame has broken records for advance ticket sales and also the widest release ever.
  2. Initially the film was  to release on 4000 screens but due to increased demand another 400 screens were added and even they were sold out.
  3.  Next step was to secure permissions to run movie round the clock and currently at dozens of Location it is having shows right from 3 AM and some are round the clock.
  4. The record for best opening weekend currently rests with Avengers Infinity War at $257 Mn and while most of the box office trackers are predicting that Endgame might not break $ 300 Mn mark in the territory but it will still over take record of previous avengers.

Avengers Endgame: Our Prediction:


  1. Opening Day – Rs. 43 cr
  2. First Weekend – Rs. 138-145 Cr
  3.  Lifetime If WOM is like Infinity War – Minimum Rs. 350 Cr


  1. It will breach the $ 300 million opening weekend mark.
  2. Though its very difficult to beat the Lifetime Collections of Star Wars : The Force Awakens which collected $926 mn but it will either come close to or overtake Avatar’s collection of $760 Mn ( without adjusting inflation )
  3. It will also overtake the record held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a period of 7 days which is right now at $390 Mn.



  1. The current top 3 worldwide grossers are Avatar – $2.78 Bn ( 2009 ), Titanic – $2.18 Bn (1997 ) and Star Wars the Force Awakens – $2.06 bn ( 2015 )
  2. However if we adjust the inflation the top 3 movies are Gone With the Wind ( 1939) – $3.7 Bn, Avatar – $ 3.25 Bn and Titanic – $3.07 Bn.

Prediction: It will be the first film in the history of worldwide grossers to go past the $2.5 Bn mark in actual collections and it will eye for the $ 3 billion mark.


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