Atrangi Re Hit or Flop: Verifying the Claims on Internet

Atrangi Re Hit or Flop: There are many claims from unauthorized sources that Atrangi Re has garnered more than 22 million views on Disney Hotstar. 


Atrangi Re Hit or Flop: There are many claims from unauthorised sources that Atrangi Re has garnered more than 22 million Unique views on Disney Hotstar.

As You can check out the Movie Review, Our Founder and Critic Abhishek Parihar Loved the Movie and gave it 4 stars. However, the claims floating on internet and the actual data does not match.

Atrangi Re Cast:

  • Dhanush as S. Venkatesh Vishwanath Iyer.
  • Sara Ali Khan in dual roles as:.
  • Rinku Sooryavanshi Iyer.
  • Manjari Sooryavanshi.
  • Akshay Kumar as Sajjad Ali Khan.
  • Seema Biswas as Rajjo Sooryavanshi, Rinku’s grandmother and Manjari’s mother.
  • Ashish Verma as Madhusudhan, colloquially abbreviated MS, Vishu’s friend.
  • Dimple Hayathi as Mandakini “Mandy” Sengupta, Vishu’s ex-fiancè.
  • Pankaj Jha as Neelkant Sooryavanshi, Rinku’s uncle and Manjari’s brother.
  • Ashok Banthia as Amarkant Sooryavanshi, Rinku’s second uncle and Manjari’s second brother.
  • Vijay Kumar as Matadin.
  • Anil Grover as Dablu.
  • Bharti Gola as Rajnandini Sooryavanshi, Neelkant’s wife.
  • Anand Babu as S. Rantesh Brijnath Iyer, Vishu’s father.
  • Nithya Ravindran as Bindira Iyer, Vishu’s mother.
  • G. Marimuthu as Ramesh Sengupta, Mandy’s father.
  • Jaya Swaminathan as Indu Sengupta, Mandy’s mother.
  • Gopal Dutt as Divorce lawyer

Release Date: 24 December, 2021

Release Platform: Disney Hotstar

Run Time: 137 Minutes

Language: Hindi

Atrangi Re Crew:

  • Director: Anand L Rai
  • Writer: Himanshu Sharma
  • Cinematographer: Pankaj Kumar
  • Editor: Hemal Kothari
  • Music: A. R. Rahman
  • Production Companies: T-Series, Colour Yellow Productions and Cape of Good Films

Atrangi Re Hit or Flop:

ParameterAmount (In Crores)
Cost of Production
₹ 45.00
Landing Cost
₹ 45.00
Recovery from Digital Rights
₹ 80.00
Pre Release Recoveries
₹ 80.00
Profit / Loss of Producers Before Release
₹ 35.00


Producers have definitely minted good money on this film but what about Disney Hotstar who have paid Rs. 80 Crores for the Digital Rights of the Film.

Atrangi Re Release on Disney+ Hotsar on 24th December, 2021 and We have data of 8 days after the release of the Movie.

Disney+ Hotstar Monthly Views for last 6 months:

MonthVisits (In Crores)Growth / Decline in Views (In Crores)


Overall, Disney+ Hotstar received 1.1 Crore additional Visits in the month of December and Growth in Preceding months was much bigger. Like 5.2 cr in September, 3.75 in Oct, 2.65 in Nov and just 1.1 in December.

All these additional views cannot be only attributed to Atrangi Re Alone. Please note Visits are not equal to Subscribers as one Subscriber can go to a Platform multiple times to consumer content. Various studies suggest that a Subscriber Visits a OTT Platform More than 10 times a month, which also means that Disney+ Hotstar has got around 3 Crore or 30 million subscribers.

And The most important factor here is the releases that went out on Disney+ Hotstar in December, 2021.

  • Parampara on 24th December.
  • Hawkeye had most of the episodes releasing in December.
  • Aarya Season 2 on 10th December.

These were not the only releases in this month and all of them added to the increase on views and overall viewership. Looking at all the data, below is out conclusion:

  1. The claim that 22M Unique Views were achieved in just 7 or 10 days if false.
  2. If a Platform like Disney+ Hotstar has 3 Crores Paid Subscriber and they lead to a 35 crore views every month then a film which was viewed just 2.2 Crore times (Including Pause and Resume Sessions and uncompleted sessions) then the movie has done good but it has not been a major revenue turner for the OTT Platform.
  3. Even if assume that all the new subscribers assed in the month of December were only and only due to Atrangi Re then also it was not more than 6 Lakh Subscribers. The Average Revenue per user for this platform is Rs. 400, then also the initial investment on the film is not recovered and warrants a loss of at least 40 Crores.
  4. Add operational and server cost to this the loss will be more than 44 Crores.
  5. Atrangi Re has done well on OTT but that does not support the claim that it has broken records, that is like demeaning other films which have performed well on OTT.

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