Article 15 Movie Review: A Relevant Film Which Will fail to Captivate You.

Article 15 released in theaters on 28th June, 2019 and received rave reviews.

Right Soul In The Wrong Body.

Article 15 Movie Review

Article 15 talks about a very important social evil of Indian Society but fails to keep the audience glued to screens.

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It is one of those rare moments when a hard hitting subject makes you think about the difference in our society. Thankfully Article 15 Movie Review is one such subject which gives an open platform for views on this subject.

We have been Independent for 70 years but one of the burning issues the Indian society faces is the cast system, the atrocities on lower castes in Interiors of India and continuous exploitation of this segment by the Indian Politicians for their vote banks. Thankfully we have brave film makers like Anubhav Sinha who dares to take these issues to a whole new level with films like Mulk and Article 15.

However, we also have to keep in mind that films are made with two purposes. While one being to earn money with any topic which can be a hit and others with passion. But the films which often break the box office benchmarks are the ones which merge passion and entertainment into one project.

Is Article 15 that movie which will break the stereotypes, let’s find out.

Article 15 Movie Plot:

Ayushman Khurrana (Ayan Ranjan) is an IPS who is newly posted to an interior town of UP and he is no Hero. He is rather a Hero in the making. His Wife Isha Talwar (Aditi) starts on the conflicting side because of her social stands with Ayan is the guiding light of the character as the film shapes up.

In a welcome party the events start to unfold Where Sayani Gupta (Gaura) a lower caste woman enters the frame with a group of others to request a police officer played by Manoj Pahwa (Brahamdatt) to request police to find 3 missing girls from their village.

While the whole system is hell bent of proving that girls have run away and will come back and then misrepresent it as a case of honor killing, an IPS officer finds his conscience in place and it’s about his fight with the system to fight for justice.

Article 15 Screenplay Analysis:

While no one can take away full marks from the makers to select a brave and important topic like this but the screenplay plays an equally important part in success or failure of a movie.

Screenplay is written by Annubhav Sinha himself with Gaurav Solanki and this is probably the biggest let down of the film. The film tries to cover too many problems in too little time, often focusing on multiple problems in one single scene.

for example there is a scene Where Ayan calls for Help of a Dalit Leader (Nishad) when a girl needs be found urgently and a strike has been called which only he can end. The situation is urgent but the screenplay spends about 6-7 minutes on discussing some other problems instead of focusing on the urgency of the script.

Another important role which screenplay plays in making a movie is to keep audience on the edge of the seat and make them want more. However, instead of getting a solid plot in hand the screenplay writers let down the makers and audience and leave you with many dull and non happening moments. Which simply break the audience interest. It might very well work for the audience of cities where multiplex tickets are worth Rs. 250 but as soon as you go down the line you will find more impatient audience wanting more happening on the screen.

And a Story like this deserved a better screenplay so that it could be amplified and reach a much wider audience.

Article 15 Technical Analysis:

Cinematography by Ewan Mulligan is excellent and one of the finest works you will see on celluloid for a very long time. Right from capturing the essence of an interior town in UP to giving it an eerie feeling he managed it all with perfect and also innovates at quite a few places.

The Movie is edited by Yasha Ramchandani and is currently at 130 minute length, but it is not able to hold your attention for that long. And the problem here continues from the screenplay department right from the scenes where too much is being resolved in one single scene to scenes which are simply useless to the audience interest but important for the narrative. Still the film could be at least 20 minutes shorter and more impact ful.

The background score is apt but nothing you will carry home after the film is over.

Article 15 Direction:

At the cost of being repetitive, No one can take away the credit from Anubhav Sinha for the plot selection but the screenplay and direction are the biggest villains of this noble cause. Film makers need to understand that having right motives in place is not enough if they cannot be amplified, they will often turn out to be missed opportunities.

Opportunity to reach a more wider audience and opportunity to educate more people with a noble cause. With increasing ticket rates where a Family has to spend anything between Rs. 1500-2000 for a movie outing, there are very few who wants to know the facts or want to be educated about a social cause.

They spend that money to escape from their daily routines and getting entertainment is their first priority. To pass a noble message along with a captivating film is responsibility of the film maker.

Article 15 Performances:

Ayushman Khurrana perfectly gets into the skin of an IPS officer and gives his best to the film and carries the film through out.

Isha Talwar who play Aditi (Wife Of Ayan) gets a few scenes but she is terrific and so is Sayani Gupta As Guara. Kumad Mishra who plays a Police officer again gives a performance par excellence. Manoj Pahwa Who plays Brahamdatt makes an impact while Mohd Zeesha Ayub also gives a good performance.

In short whole cast has given a good performance and makes their characters believable. Again this credit has to go to Anubhav Sinha who extracted good performances from the entire cast.

Article 15 Final Verdict:

It’s a waste of a brilliant vision, the film had so much potential and it could reach a much wider audience but it fails to keep your interest intact and goes over too many places which makes you loose focus.

There are exactly 3 scenes which can be called humorous and Interval is at a very high point, but the film again falls to a flat tone just after the Interval.

I will still appeal everyone to watch it for the soul of it but if you expect a captivating film in return then you might want to skip this one.

The film will find appreciation from the A+ and some of the A centers but will fail to cut across the ice.

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